Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#CRUBOURGEOISNYC Cru Bourgeois- Red Wines from Bordeaux- for Wine Lovers

Wonderful Gifts for Mother's Day, College Graduates---and for Summer Entertaining

Midtown Loft, 267 Fifth Avenue-NYC

On the outdoor terrace...perfect sunny spring day-welcoming indeed. 

Well, there certainly were many reasons to smile yesterday-at the first (and we hope, annual)  Crus Bourgeois du Médoc wine tastings for invited guests…including the glorious weather, a midtown event location with a wrap around terrace from which to take advantage of the aforementioned…

Château Castéra, Médoc  www.chateau-castera.com

Château Haut-Myles,  Médoc www.chateaudescurac.com

AND the stars of the affair-the many truly wonderful, complex-and accessibly priced red wines being sampled (spat out)…and the French persons doing the pouring-often the Château owners themselves.

We learned a lot about the wines from this acclaimed Bordeaux region of France-which are already well known for its top tier first and second growth red wines that command staggering sums and are prized  collectible bottles.
WHAT: All of the wines presented were harvested and produced in one of the eight prestigious Bordeaux appellations-Médoc, Haut-Médoc, Listrac-Médoc, Moulin en Médoc, Margaux, Saint Julien, Pauilllac and Saint Estèphe.  The distinction of earning the distinctive Crus Bourgeois authentication label (see below)-is that all of these wines are certified by external wine professionals and evaluated for embodying traditional for qualities of tastes from this region.

 FYI-this goes one step beyond commercial value designations- for the select wines qualifying from the 2010 vintage- by 260 member, wine producers/Château owners belonging to the self-regulating Alliance des Crus Bourgeois de Médoc (256 for 2011…). pretty much guarantees that the reasonably priced red wines (ranging from $22-$50) that cost almost as much to (lovingly) harvest-often by hand-and make--- as the name dropping Bordeaux wines-  are charmingly drink ready, can be aged -well, well with great maturity potential-and ...at least what we sampled...are all aromatically complex (nose), multi faceted worthy of collecting in their own right, 

Château Les Grand Chênes Médoc www.bernard-magrez.com

IMO: All will pass the test of wine snobs,  "Googling" a bottle brought as a hostess gift---or a smartphone toting Millennial referencing online reviews and information about the producer (QR code on the authentication sticker on all bottles produced from 2010 on)- before making a purchase…because he/she wants a reasonably priced beverage something to go with dinner… no matter what's on the menu.       

Château Greysac, Médoc www.greysac.com
As with all wines-the weather and terroir (soil) of the Crus Bourgeois reds sipped yesterday-roughly grouped together by region…brought to life the distinctive qualities of the selected vintages sampled-mostly the delectably delicious 2010s (seems to have been a late harvest year brought on by a cold winter, rainy grape flowering and drought spring/summer season-(lower yields) and then a flawless weather- harvesting Fall season)-and a few 2011 (hot off the press, so-to-speak)…mixed in with some 2008s+2009s.

 Château Les Grand Chênes, Médoc www.bernard-magrez.com

All wines poured are available in the USA---though actual quantities certainly vary--- as even the market volume numbers differ between vintages.

Château Rollan de By, Médoc www.rollandeby.com 27,000 bottles
Our tasting notes-varied from bold-intense, structured fruity finishes, multi-textured polished tannins, earthy fresh, and/or spicy for each wine-that were all elegant personalized blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and/or Petit Verdot grapes.

Color  ranges are from clear brilliant ruby reds to deep robust dark colors …setting the stage for a wonderful drinking experience.

Notable-the age of the vines from 25-40 years old…and that many of the wine producers are still many centuries'  old- family owned entities.

Château Lousteauneuf, Médoc www.château-lousteauneuf.com  

Château Preuillac, Médoc www.chateau-preuillac.com

Château Les Anguilleys, Médoc  www.chateau-vieux-robin.com

Câteau D'Agassac Haut-Médoc www.agassac.com (nice-one of our favs)

Château Aney, Haut-Médoc www.chateauaney.com

Château Belair, Haut-Médoc www.domaines-henri-martin.com

Château Labat Haut-Médoc www.chateau-caronne-ste-gemme.com

Château Paveil de Luze, Margaux www.chateaupaveildeluze.com

Château Charmail, Haut-Médoc www.chateau-charmail.fr

Château Cissac, Haut-Médoc www.chateau-cissac.com

Château Tour Saint Joseph, Haut-Médoc, www.chevalquancard.com

Château Lamothe Bergeron, Haut-Médoc, www.lamothebergeron.fr

Château du Retout, Haut-Médoc www.chateau-du-retout.com

Château Larose Perganson, Haut-Médoc www.chateau-larose-trintaudon.fr

Château Larose Trintaudon, Haut-Médoc

Château Gressier Grand Poujeaux, Moulis www.chasse-spleen.com

Château D'Arsac,  Margaux www.chateau-arsac.com
This wine producer-which is available for tours in the warmer months (many are)-has a distinguished outdoor sculpture garden on its property- and also produces the limited -30,000 bottles -WineMakers' Collection- where an invited wine maker crafts his/her personal touch-on a vintage. An annual offering-this Château D/Arsac production is based on idea of owner Phillippe Raoux- to celebrate winemakers- from all over the world. Very cool-the bottle labels are portraits of the individual winemaker.

Château Haut Breton Larigaudière, Margaux www.de-mour.com

Château Mongravey, Margaux www.chateau-mongravey.fr

Château Le Crock Saint-Estèphe www.chateaulecrock.fr

Château La Haye, Saint-Estèphe www.chateaulahaye.com

Belgium born owner-pursued his passion for Bordeaux wine-AND runs-including the NYC Marathon-finished respectable time of 4:20 (we asked…)-and smokes. Very Euro.

Château Tour des Termes Saint-Estèphe www.chateautourdestermes.com

The official moniker. Most of the tasters -we noticed-were NYC restaurant owners/sommeliers---here's hoping selections will be offered by the glass-which is the way most patrons order wine.

Very very smart-authentification label-that ensures quality standards, authenticity of the bottle- against counterfeiting (yikes)---and provides information about the winemaker/vintage and the wine itself. ALSO…one can type in the verification code on the website… www.crus-bourgeois.com