Sunday, April 20, 2014

ADLENS® Adjustables™ Eyewear-Cool Gear for Spring 2014 Part 1


Never be out of focus….

Were we ever surprised AND intrigued by the pr pitch we got from- really-a fashion leaning entity- about adjustable eyewear---for the near and far sighted…available in "regular"styles,  new-sunglasses and on trend upscale John Lennon inspired styled- collections -that we were perfectly willing to haul it to a retail store to check it out ourselves.
Available now-$59---in other colors too
 And we don't even wear or need prescription glasses !!!!

tiny sturdy dial at the temples-one on each side….close one eye to individually adjust-Corrects over 90% of spherical errors (-6D to +3D spherical)-meaning probably help you read the super fine print---or seeing a movie screen---clearly...
WHAT: The Adlens® Adjustables sounded so cool-(duh-patented of course)…and neatly solve the problem we witnessed just last week when out with a gaggle of 20+ people at a restaurant- with all but one- forgetting their reading glasses-resulting in one pair getting passed around---resulting in the ordering off the menu taking even longer than forever

featherweight too-kinda see the adjustable part within the overall lens-award winning Alvarez technology-2 wave shaped polycarbonate plates slide across each other -do the honors-change the power of the lens-separately left-right. Nice.
...because no one has the same visual needs-let alone individual variances in l/r eyeball vision…meaning more squinting than reading….and just 'having' the audibly recited, special.

... SO-the Aldens® = "Variable Focus Eyewear"-are really just that -and a solution---each side has an adjustable unobtrusive dial- on the left ---and right-(shut one eye at a time for accuracy)-accounting for differences in needs…ideal for one person-or in a crowd of sharers.

The pair we tried---pictured---is made of plastic-a durable plastic that weighs like nothing. Lookwise-they are perfectly acceptable fashion friendly- but clearly not like a $400 pair of  luxury designer logo-ed specs. (The Adlens® John Lennon™ collection might satisfy that requirement…)

NOTE: All over the company websites are reminders - that these specs are not meant to replace or "be a substitute for" prescription eyeglasses, or replace examinations by a professionally trained Optometrist or Ophthalmologist ...or be used for driving or operating heavy machinery. (WHEN TO WEAR link)

OKAY---livin' in the USA we get that…but imo the ADLENs® we have are so practical….because for a modest price- theoretically these will be the only pair of glasses we might ever need for many scenarios---because they adjust. Easily too. Just turn the dial. 

WHAT ELSE: As an extra pair to stash in the car-in a handbag-or just to have- in place of costly 'script readers/eyewear…one pair of Aldens® can be used by many. But why share…we're keeping ours to ourselves. Truth be told-the three people we showed this to…went and got a pair for themselves. Yes, that cool.

Other collections with the adjustable tech onboard-Emergensee™ $49, the round specs/sunglasses Hemisphere® $89 clear----sunglass version $99, John Lennon™ iconic collection $125-$199,  plus coming soon-Adlens®Focuss hipster looking-for progressive wearers--exclusively to Lenscrafters…in USA. 

FYI: From a UK based company-with distribution all over…providing solutions for refractive vision needs- worldwide.

BONUS POINTS: The Buy One Give One program…from the website…a WIN WIN!!!!

For every pair of glasses purchased from The John Lennon™ Collection and Hemisphere® Sun and Optical ranges, Adlens®donates a pair of glasses to someone in the developing world via the Buy One Give One program, administered by our charitable partner Vision for a Nation.
Variable focus eyewear reduces the time and ongoing costs associated with traditional eyecare, overcoming fundamental barriers to treatment in countries with fewer resources. 85% of Rwandans live in rural areas - Vision for a Nation trains health care workers to provide immediate and long-term eyecare in their local community.

VFAN Short HD from Sebastian Ford on Vimeo.