Sunday, March 30, 2014

Outdoor Retailer New Gear F/W 2014-Black Diamond Eagle Creek, Boreas

UPRIGHT, WATERTIGHT+LIGHT-Black Diamond, Eagle Creek, Boreas


Another tradeshow-another breakthrough product from Black Diamond.

The HALO 28 Jetforce-joins the avalanche airbag systems available to backcountry adventurers. Uniquely- in collab with its owned PIEPS- the "JetForce Technology" - a battery powered jet fan that inflates the 200 liter airbag in 4 seconds.

Up to four inflations with a fully charged lithium-ion battery brings the cost per use, lower and allows for a easier test run without the hassle of replacing a gas canister-commonly used in other systems. The Cordura® airbag material is puncture tough-but the fan keeps running a minute to keep inflation up in case of a slash.
7.2 lbs-plug in to recharge.

Added plus---the airbag automatically deflates after 3 minutes to create a potential air pocket-removes risk of ice/snow smothering -and helps those digging you out.

pull to deploy

Three backpack styles-two torso sizes per- for the Halo 28 Jetforce---

Whether the above Halo 28 JetfForce battery in the airbag passes airport screening---as carry-on? We don't know ---but …carrying it on board---in the new Eagle Creek 22 inch Tandem Warrior-that impresses with the 2 bags in 1---convertibility…gives the TSA screeners maybe something else to -in wonderment, ponder.
Eagle Creek's patented Morpheus technology seamless integration of two bags that separate and are then two fully functional haulers on their own. Lightweight-in slate blue…roll-on- or carry - grab handle

ExpandStand-durable-wheels navigate any terrain 

easily zip offs-features durable, lockable, self repairing zippers, contoured shoulder straps, padded compartment for electronics, plenty other pockets keep life organized, carry straps sash away, made of Bi-Tech™ and Bi-Tech™ Armor fabrics…weather and abrasion tough. 
plenty of pockets, mesh back panel-daypack, both  expand out to carry MORE

the other-a functioning daypack-$299

It has been a few seasons- since 2010---that
Boreas Gear™ launched its insanely lightweight, 'its not complicated' backpacks.
Waterproof Series In Canyon Blue-right to left=Monterey 2lbs, 3oz, Echo 1lb 12.8oz, Yuba alb 4oz

New for Fall 2014-the Waterproof Pack Series-in 35L, 25L, 15 L lightweight backpack / dry bag styles- with watertight double hull construction …so no need for rain cover.

Reflective panel-Lava Black

roll close/open waterproof skirt, double hull construction interior construction, 

minimal hidden Boreas DNA daisy chains, keeps a clean design

easy access, tuck away suspension, TPU fabric, external expand fabric

straps-perforated, molded EVA foam