Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Outdoor Retailer Cool Trends, Gear-Limited Editions/Custom Orders

Outdoor Retailer/SLC
Part 10

Taking its cue from couture-and 3D printing---there has been a growing trend to allow customers to customize their outdoor/athletic purchases beyond moldable insoles…(like TYR googles to Adidas Springblade running shoes)---or to seriously limit the numbers of items…usually because of the hand made, labor intensive aspect of the product.

HAVE IT YOU WAY-Limited Editions Highlights:

Fours day of labor-to create each Kritipur Sweater Jacket $249...
Sherpa Adventure Gear hand knit Kritipur Sweater Jacket/hoodies-are numbered and signed…and fantastic.

Limited to 500-all sport inner labels -pictured above. The cozy Primaloft One insulation and non-chafing fleece collar lining-the finishing touches-done by machine---

Sherpa Mountain Gear-also serves up serious attire for those scaling the mountains-made in the company's Nepal locale-custom made. $1200

Bergans of Norway's 5320 Expedition Down Suit-another special order only-windproof/water resistant seriously insulated garment for the extreme sold areas of the planet.
we could have see this winter… 5320 Expedition Down Suit has: ventilation zips-2 way zip in front, full length  pit zips, , chest pockets, 2 inner pockets,  attachment loops for mittens, reinforced upper arms/wrists, knees seat and inside leg, fixed internal suspenders, elastic waist band and ankle cuffs. Sizes S-XXL Unisex…we would guess.

Boulder Colorado's own Crescent Moon Snowshoes offers any which way one would want with reference to frame sizes, colors and bindings for its state of the art offerings. Makes total sense ---given the variety of conditions, terrain, locales and needs of those moving above the snow.
Gold Series

new Rocket™carbon fiber running/racing 

-the easy transport, lightweight comfort after activity boots/slip-ons…are giving kids another surface to scribble on…sold with markers…so cute!
rip stop nylon gets adorned


CHACO-create your own custom sandals -pick a model---Z1, Z2, ZX1, ZX2-men's women's-or start -with a webbing design and then select the profile $130. Very  fun---and from a company with a solid green ethos-as in they can resole/repair Chaco sandals -in Rockford Michigan-a worn pair...
AND-Chaco's ReversiFlip™$60  interchangeable sandal-choose style and webbing -with extra straps available $20