Friday, March 21, 2014

Outdoor Retailer-Cool Gear, Gadgets, Trends by Bootights®+Sholdit® Fall 2014

Outdoor Retailer/SLC
Part 11

When it comes to hardgoods, it seems it's an alpha male dominated world (in sales too) ---and it garners a lot of attention at trade shows for the outdoors bound.

But we happily noted two women entrepreneurs showing their genius creations specifically crafted for their gender--one familiar and with a concept much envied (and now copied) by the big corporations… and the other, a fairly new company that has gotten so much buzz that its offerings regularly sell-out.


Shelby Mason

Bootights premium leg wear with actual socks attached-new Chinook Base Sharper
Bootights®= Legwear Librated-started super small-we met the engaging and smart Shelby Mason at a Snow Magazine event in the Big Apple---during her company's early early days. Back then - the few styles available of these premium hosiery with thermal and comfy sock feet, sold in a New York minute.

on left-GI Jane Camo Bootights

Since then---the fashion spot on options number in the dozens-in a plethora of dazzling and subtle patterns, modern and traditional prints (cam+animal), and a rainbow's worth of tonal selections- in all weather thicknesses and compression (sheer, supportive, control top, cable knit, lace weaves) --- for women who want the look of pantyhose with the comfort of socks while wearing boots..

A lightbulb moment no doubt-hence the winning combos…and a company that has grown exponentially.

A brand extension-Darby socks boast the same concept-feminine legwear up top and supportive engineered socks below (moisture wicking fibers with arch support, mesh zones for ventilation, extra cushioning heel and toe, flat toe seam so no annoying "tights toe")…to wear under trousers, or pulled up to mid thigh-on their own or layered over skinny jeans- or  tights.

Darby Lace Boot Socks

hosiery in intricate woven patterns-

Ellevators-versatile soc boots---by Bootights
Our favs- the Bootights Sport-with the same soft non-roll comfort waistband…and an actual wool performance sock attached.
color blocking----FUN

SHOLDIT® leading light Angela Lee-took some material and a $20 sewing machine---created her product and BAM!!! within a year-got gushingly positive media coverage from major television and print outlets-a feat  most companies only dream about. BRAVO.
Smart minds think alike -we got introduced to the über fabulous Sholdit® and it's founder, Angela Lee at the same always packed-shared exhibitor space as the above...
Infinity wrap-around neck, can also use as a shrug or rolled up and carried like a purse- options include cinch toggle closures or side cell pocket for cross body
What it is…?
A fashionable scarf with a  compartment built in…for discreet carrying capabilities…secure and handy…and surprisingly roomy enough for just about all necessary objects. Freedom from purses BIG TIME… no worries about forgetting the handbag…AND available in four styles-with different closure and storage options.

Loop around or wear as one long scarf---SHOLDIT comes in various materials of different weights and seasonal appropriate colors…including a vibrant canary Mystic Yellow-silky 100% breathable/lightweight rayon Clutch Wrap™ that we have.

31 inches long-10 inches wide---we fit all the cards we need inside the easily accessible main compartment--- wearing it double wrapped around our neck…
Hand washable too---making these travel musts. LOVE!


love SHOLDITS' new Spring colors...