Monday, March 31, 2014


Sprinter is here---meaning there is still snow on the ground -for long runs…and no water fountains are on- or available (depending) to quench thirsts...

Portable liquid solutions (convenient and necessary)-for those on the go-include, handhelds, running belts, and vests with hydration holders-plastic bottles or bladders.

IMO-what to drink is just as personal as how to haul it all.

interior stretchy pocket-keeps stuff dry like id card or cash. For us that means a metro card for NYC runs-in case we fade…
WHAT we use when its warm enough out to sweat…therefore need more liquids -which in our case is water-is helpfully satiated by a FITLETIC solution…a company we saw at a tradeshow-that offers a bunch of carry options-for electronics, personal stuff, water etc.
silicone grippers eliminate bounce

dual adjustable belt and stretchy--with a hydration add-on

Window armbands-keep weather/sweat out- synch up via bluetooth-all those smart watches/smartphones-never miss a stat. $23.95
stuff the pocket with Clif gels and a  Clif Builders protein bar-
 WE TRIED: The two bottle Hydration Belt-(comes in 12oz $39.95 or 16oz $43.95 options)…very ergonomically designed --meaning a REALLY no-bounce solution to carrying fluids and other necessaries for the long run- tricked out with a gel reflective tab on either side of the pouch,that's stretchy + zipped--- with an interior pocket---plus race bib toggles.

Our first use-on a recent cold Thursday night in Central Park-an evening we finally saw running clubs packing the Drive-this year.

Just because it was freezing…doesn't make runners any less thirsty…we felt envious glances from other pacing humans as as we easily took a bottle at of the Quick Draw bottle holster (there are two), pulled out the Quick Flow race cap top with out back teeth-withut missing a beat-sipped ---and effortlessly put the bottle back again in the holster.

There is a tiny bungee cord like string to keep the bottle in place-but it's really not needed-the holster is designed perfectly to hold the bottle snuggly. We also left the top of the bottle open after the first pull-and did not lose a drop. Bottles-are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

reflective pops---belt is black with trim color options---
THE FIT: Starting out with the belt positioned so that the bottles were in front…we found this to be noticeable-not annoyingly so…but not super snug-since we have a 24inch waist -we wanted a more secure fit…SO better yet was when we reversed the belt-and positioned the holsters on our lower back…sliding the belt down to snuggly fit right on the top of our hips bones. Then we didn't even notice the belt at all-even though there was the added weight of fluids. The belt itself is super lightweight.

The stretchy neoprene zipper pocket was big enough to hold 3 gel packs-our energy on the go choice…and a Clif Builder's Protein bar-plus 3 keys and a Metro card inside the interior pocket.

Our BF tried our belt out also-wore in the bottles in the front-fit his torso length- just fine.

FYI: Belt comes in two sizes-S/M for 24-36 inches, L/XL 29-42 inches. ALSO we hand washed in warm water…no problem.

FITLETIC's other options include "plain" race bib belts $8.95, race belts with gel loops,  neoprene single or double zipped pouch (no holster)…and add ons-like a bottle+ holster (6oz $11.95, 8oz $12.95) and Window Phone ($18.95)-to customize for long or short runs…and replacement bottles.

PLUS:Color options …and reflective accents.

BTW-when we were at the tradeshow booth- a lot of cruising by attendees, stopped in their tracks-and wanted a Fitletic belt on the spot. Probably could have sold the entire show inventory---to runners, hikers and gym goers.