Thursday, November 21, 2013


a well equipped sand neat makeup kit
Condé Nast Building, NYC
OH…pinch me am I dreaming swirled amongst brain cells when we received  a coveted invite, courtesy of ALLURE MAGAZINE and MAYBELLINE NY---to attend a master class-how-to session, hosted by Assoc. Editor Sophia Panych and the brand's Make-up artist Gabe Almodovar.
brushes galore----clean ones too

The theme was Spring Trends-and as subscribers to the print edition of ALLURE-we had already devoured our December issue----but letmetellyou---we learned plenty of cool maquillage tips from this how to session- and got to try out some of Maybelline's long-lasting makeup---including the fav…-Maybelline's glammy Color Tattoo Metal Eye Studio eyeshadow (we wrote about recently) and the new to us multi-tasking Color Tattoo Pure Pigments, plus the Falsies Big Eyes mascara with separate brushes for top/bottom lashes-in one tube= SO SMART.

Because in a lot of ways... it's all about the brushes. 
latest issue-with an Olsen on the cover

Associate Editor Sophia Panych-another great skirt

Gabe Almodovar, Sophie Paynch and Maybelline/Allure employees in for a group shot
Refreshments and makeup laden tables with products used to re-create the Spring trends of White eyeshadow (surprisingly wearable), Metallic Smoky eyes and Orange Lipstick ..and bloggers who covet it all- filled an event space in the Condé Nast building -right off Times Square...
screen shots- Associate Editor Sophie  Paynch showed samples from backstage and runway shows -- of all the trends…which noticeable-skewed heavily towards the European shows. Overseas, IMO tend to offer up more editorial looks…vs. what we see on the runways during NYC Fashion Week.

recreated using Electric Orange, and Vibrant Mandarin (880, 885) topped off with not that sticky (impressed) new- Color Elixir in coral-ish orange Rapture (015)

As seen at Gucci-most involved using Color Tattoo Metal in Gold Rush 65, Silver Strike 60, and Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Breaking Bronze 35 and Improper Copper 40

subtle-not 80's streaks

recreated using Color Tattoo Metal- Too Cool 05 and Eyestudio Pink Persuasion 80-a palette with a shimmery white eyeshadow in the mix. Almodovar favors lower water lining-inner rim, fyi- with nude color-not a white---to make eyes seem larger.

Gabe Almodovar shows how this neutral white-  goes with any lipstick, blush etc-on any skin color-and gets applied up to defined brows----with heavier application on lids…using a finger. Shimmery white eyeshadow powder applied with a brush, lightly goes on top-staying power guaranteed.

love this-Master drama by Eyestudio Midnight Master black eyeliner-easily went on very close to eyelashes-for emphasis, not drama. 

Almodovar mascara-ed on top and bottom lashes after using a curler-applied at roots and pumped a few times…also, he commented how cat's eye look is it's own -on its own ---and he leaves eyelids kind of bare when using a dramatic sweep of eyeliner---

Orange tones -with yellow or blue undertones-very wearable…using the latter to make the teeth look whiter.

Almodovar likes to use a neutral lip liner to add fullness-drew the line where to use lipstick would be too clownish looking... and to keep lipstick from feathering- tips he learned from  Kevin Aucoin. Using #15 PinkColorSensaional Lip Line-he drew on top and bottom after a first layer of lipstick…then added many more lipstick layers. We asked about blotting-not necessary-in the old days, lipsticks had more wax and that was done to soak it up and leave behind the color. Now lipsticks are formulated differently-not needed. AND if you wear a bold lip, "commit to it." Touch-ups will be necessary-even with long wearing one- that need moisturizing balm on top, now and then. Otherwise, duh"don't wear any."

Metallic smokey eye-had lid application of gold Color Tattoo Metal in Gold Rush 65, then  the bronze on the sides and inner eyes- Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Breaking Bronze 35 and Improper Copper 40, with pop of silver in inner eye corner-using Silver Strike 60. Lower lid had bronze put on like a liner-using an angled makeup brush. Mascara top and bottom lashes too. 

next to us-blogger gets silver put on just right

Afterwards, we chatted with Gabe Almodovar-about foundation-he used the new FitMe Shine Free foundation stick on all the volunteers …which we look forward to trying out one of these days. The packaging lends itself to a run around the world lifestyle and with build able coverage----easily applied.