Tuesday, October 29, 2013


adult DSQUARED2 snowboards-with black/red tartan pattern on base

Snowboarding makes strange bedfellows sometimes…so we thought when in our inbox arrived Italian based fashion label DSQUARED2's take on vehicles to surf the snow- in collaboration with Rough Snowboards. 

Usually we kinda ignore-take a pass on--- fashion label efforts when it comes to the technical performance wear and gear we review…but the designers-brothers Dean and Dan Caten's Canadian heritage and Rough Snowboards rep --make it all seem legit.

A children's version (2 sizes) and adult (5 sizes) all mountain/freeride boards are available at Dsquared2 stores beginning  December 2013.

Children's camo snowboard-DSQUARED2
Construction details for the adult boards…quoted from press release...

Built with modern techniques, the snowboards are built for ease of use, fun and performance in every snowboarding situation. Bamboo sidewall, hemp fiber, a total wood core and sintered (?) base are some of the materials used to construct the snowboards. The materials work together with a board shape especially designed for Dsquared2 to guarantee the maximum joy riding on the best snowboard runs in the world.

For the children's boards…

Total woodcore, abs sidewall, diecut base and super soft flex make this snowboard an ultra fun winter instrument for Dsquared2’s youngest fans.