Friday, October 4, 2013


Mercifully- no fire drill necessary

packed venue-but at least AC was working well

The Raven, 55 Gansevoort St, NYC

Late models, a booked (over) venue, steamy temps=late start and a long line. But the presentation by Katie Gallagher of her S/S 2014 RTW collection was very well done---and worth the wait. 

This downtown stylish creator showed her romantic side---or melancholy (reminded us of the New Romantic music thing going on in the late 80'searly 90's-but with cleaner edge)...showing very wearable, pretty separates and swimsuits/bodysuits. A few frills but we would think of these polished outfits as more clean minimalist than fussy. Like the original Helmut Lang.

jewelry by Annie Costello Brown
 The Run of Show: 

"...the designer was "inspired by the video and lyrics from Einstuerzende Neubauten's song "BLUME" (For I am a chrysanthemum/supernova, urgent star/for you, I'll be a dandelion, a thousand flowerettes in the sky, or just a drop in the ocean" (from their 1993 album Tabula Rasa)

we find this on You tube but note-no soundtrack...copyright issues.

flower shape rosette-torn chiffon-on sleeves on left-and hem, middle-underscores the theme
Gallagher also cited funeral flowers- primarily powder-pink carnations as inspiring her BLOOM collection-that " examines our tendency to conceal unpleasant ordeals with beautiful objects sometimes even our own selves."

sheer powder pink chiffon-

known for her black aesthetic-here in multi-textures-perforated leather, paper spandex, silk chiffon

all lined up-each of the 20 outfits -named for a flower---beginning with Black Dahlia

Katie Gallagher's own Jill Saunder sandals (wow-we asked)...the models wore shoes by Ruthie Davis 

Katie Gallagher
rocks her own designs-great cut-out back

Make-Up by Romero Jennings for M A C was sheer and glowing---a wash of pink from middle of eye-out on upper lids, and lower lids all around...shimmery pinky gold on upper lids, black mascara and black eyeliner water line gave this edge + attitude, softly sculpted cheek pinkish bronze, and sheer pale pink lip gloss. That eye shadow look done well-no model looked like they had conjunctivitis.

hair by Cesar Ramirez for Davines-sleek and slick. Front -two sections tightly rolled (braided?) then all pulled back into high ponytails at the back of the crown. No height here-it's all polished slick...almost wet looking.

 Casey Herman for Kiss imPress nails  ---gave the models dagger edged talons-that are fabulously fake using two different stick-ons shaped to layer a deep charcoal diamond shape over a background of black diamond shape- all centered onto a glossy pink base (High Hopes).