Thursday, October 24, 2013

5:10 +Scarpa-Climbing, Bike, Outdoor-Approach,Streetwear Sneakers/ Shoes Spring 2014

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

Not a climber? No these are not kid shoes...but the award winning  Team VXi-"lightest performance competition available" weighing in at what else...5.10 ounces.
TEAM VXI in neon/charcoal="Maximum friction with much lower forces" Mi6 Stealth rubber- high friction, increased sensitivity-plus Clarino upper, arch support and Smedging™ technology. Made in the USA(!) and available November 2013  $170

glove-like fit
Brand of the Brave Five Ten stakes its firm grasp on the climbing market-and mountains worldwide with its proprietary rubber compounds-used on its footwear to flexibly (and reliably) grip like no other. In all conditions on different terrains. The game changer-in particular-the sticky, durable, cushioning/shock absorbing Stealth Mi6.
Important when scaling cliffs...and mountain biking steep trails. No doubt a reason giant Adidas acquired the company. And also interesting-the way many barefoot running shoes are constructed...with glove-like fits (asymmetrical lacing) owes a lot to how climbing kicks are constructed. IMO.

Lots of new styles for Spring 2014---some highlights....
Guide Tennie Mid-ankle protection and support in a looker of a lace-up that can double as a hike to the trail boot. Compression molded EVA midsole shock absorption. 15.9 oz
proprietary Smudge Zone Toe for precise edging power and durability.

Guide Tennie Canvas=comfort+breathability-Sandwich mesh lining , Smedge Zone Toe-w/ 5:10's ErgoNomic last for waling+performance. M 14.4 oz. Women's style too

Guide Tennie-nubuck leather

custom take on Guide Tennie

Anasazi Guide-designed for multi-pitch climbs, all day adventure. Built on Anasazi last, low profile flat toe foot position good for edging+thin cracks. adjustable fit, heel cup cradle holds securely-w/ STEALTH C4 toe rands+soles

Anasazi Lace-Up -with with STEALTH C4 toe rand, new heel construction and a lined Cowdura™ synthetic upper=glove-like fit 7.9 oz

Maltese Falcon LT Clipless-all mountain rider-a 16.6 oz light performance shoe with a weather tough upper that dries overnight. Soles STEALTH S1 rubber-great friction and durability
With the new bike shoes-for clip-less riding (and not)-we think Five: Ten should cozy on up to parent company Adidas' marketing department/celebrity gifting peeps-as these handsome kicks would be super cool as streetwear, with sneaker collecting, hip-hop artists (and wired types) the A-OK.

Lace/velcro brand strap-adjustable fit
What's not to love about the  iconic Run-D.M.C tribute hit single My Adidas that spawned the limited edition Superstar 80s collection that STILL sells in new iterations. Purists' stomachs might churn at the thought...but IMO-urban sidewalks need to be gripped too.

Soles STEALTH S1 rubber-great friction and durability

Mono Grey and Red Maltese Falcon LT Clipless

Freerider VXi Elements-Mi6 Outsole, compression molded EVA welter midsole-shock absorption +grip, PUR foam insulation moisture wicking, PU coated leather/synthetic upper-for riding in all types of weather

Mi6 STEALTH rubber-all mountain, flat pedal-smooth under ball of foot

Freerider VXi Elements

IMPACT VXi w/ input from DH champs+flat pedal specialists Sam Hill and Brook Macdonald.

slimmed down upper shaves weight and adds protection (12.7oz) synthetic upper quick dries overnight

STEALTH Mi6 Rubber -waaayyy more shock absorption and dampening 
DH specific last, abrasion resistant crank protection pad...


Freerider VXi w/ STEALTH Mi6 rubber Contact outsole-treadless under the ball of the foot, breathable, abrasion resistant upper, new performance fit, asymmetrical welt for extra crank side durability

SCARPA is a 75 years old Italian brand we've heard of but as this was a busy night-we barely had time to get in the basics...including its new trail running and casual lines.


SCARPA TECHNO X sports Scarpa's bi-tension active rands which direct power front he front of the shoe without sacrificing all-day comfort. Suede and microsuede synthetic leather upper-foot conforming but won't stretch out. Vibram® XS Edge rubber outsole for climbing tin edges and cracks-and flat lasted. $145 -M+W

Vibram® XS Edge rubber outsole 

STIX 180 grams-lightest SCARPA rock shoe-power for steep overhanging routes and great feel, X-tension rand system directs power to front+toe area for ultra-precise footwork, Narrower heel and thermo molded ribs over and elastic tongue for great fit. Vibram® XS Grip2 rubber sole-super stick-for steep terrains. $149

urban lifestyle good looking lace-up Highball...skate inspired design, low profile Scarpa Voyager  sole and toecap $109-other streetwear styles all named after cocktails too