Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outdoor Retailer-New/Cool Gadgets/Gear/Apparel/Footwear S/S 2014

Outdoor Retailer-Jordanelle Reservoir, Depot, and Salt Palace, UTAH
Part 3
CHUMS, Viet Do-Outsiders Ball, Chaco, Liberty Bottleworks, Fjällraven 

OR people-attendees, buyers, exhibitors, media...dogs---are outdoors passionate...and it's always great to see/meet new faces and catch up with others more familiar-every six months.

cheers-at the Verde Pr get together

In the "it's not complicated" category-but a gear/gadget that is so necessary,
the Made in the USACHUMS---eyewear retainers...owned by Idaho living guy we meet up with at Demo Day as we slather on Beyond Coastal sunscreen-(there might be others)---with a demeanor = so laid back---the business acumen smarts needed to buy this company from the river guide who conjured up this handy thing-and grow the biz (accessories +watchbands, wallets, cases etc)=very subtle but apparent.

now in fashion-y suede...
A compliment, fyi.

Until we got a Chums-in rather bright Hawaiian print-but now available in a wide range of materials/colors/prints...we were in the habit of perching our sunglasses on top of our head-all Jackie O chic-our long locks falling just so around our face. The Instagram ready look-ruined the glasses via widening- the arms...however.

Thirty years expanding on a concept - impressive---PLUS we loved the festive badge holders created for this OR show---celebrating it all...

---and so appropriate the AC/DC tee---with the Aussie band still (and still) enthusiastically, rockin' and rolling, firing off canons-encore-wise-when Chums was born.

At the first ever Outsiders Ball that raised $350,000 for the Outdoor Foundation...we met the -he should be way more boastful given his artist Viet Do. For a small donation, we got to make an artist book, using one if his prints as the cover---courtesy of the footwear brand Vasque-who platinum sponsored the event.

The guy working the silk screen shirt shirts contraption-was so busy all night-we hope he didn't get a repetitive motion injury.

Express yourself-oversized black boards (and chalk) invited attendees to answer ?s...

IMO= 2 thumbs up to all responses but really a waaay two thumbs up to the answer "highlight the urban outdoors". Really! 
Chaco footwear-part of the Wolverine family of brands---is sustainably minded-with its no worries-  repair service-just like the luxurious offerings provided by high-end brands like Hermès and Christian Louboutin---


What else impressed us -a new line of have it your way- ReversiFlip™ female thong/strap sandals-with inter-changeable web strap sets-in catchy prints/color waves (2 pictured-there's a third option too-herringbone patterned).

Chaco ReversiFlip™s---like the reg' Flip-with the cushy/supportive  footbed-$60 for black strap basic- with each card of four options-$20 

Vibram outsole---new Outcross Web $120

Khaki is a classic shade used by industries worldwide for practical and fashionable purposes. Two of our favorite uses of this shade...

Made in the US100% recycled aluminum BPA free-water bottles---by Liberty Bottleworks always intrigued us, beyond its amazing Artisan and Parks Collection designs, multiple kid friendly options, and easy patented 1/4 turn on/off cap design.

We were curious about the company's fund raising effort that donated $10/online bottle sale benefiting the non-profit Special Ops Warrior Foundation (that just wrapped) we that pals that have served in the Army/Navy Special Operations.


Stopping by their centrally located space in the Salt Palace-we had a few minutes to chat with co-founder Ryan Clark about the connection-and it turns out he is close with several men who served ---and first hand, has seen the good works the foundation does- providing for the families of Special Ops soldiers, providing scholarship grants to surviving children.

Custom Liberty Bottleworks -Army Special Ops motto-Latin-to liberate the oppressed 

Fjallräven is a Swedish brand, that as of late-is chipping away at the lifestyle category with its well made apparel and haulers (kånkens) ---plus technical gear/clothing that gets the endorsement of the outdoors crowd. A new flagship store in NYC's Soho (38 Greene Street) joins retailers and online availability from coast to coast and up a bit into Canada...

The super cool hip length Greenland jacket-$220 made with the label's signature G-1000® fabric doesn't come tricked out with all the patches and embroidered back...but-no doubt, crafty types can just add their own...