Thursday, July 18, 2013

BOLLÉ Goggles-Zeal Optics-HD Camera Tech Goggle 2013

Shapes vary but wide field of vision-guaranteed. Plus Helmet compatible for snug fit without the gap
Outdoor Retailer/SLC+NYC

Lens materials , new technologies and manufacturing methods has made goggles, protective, performing, and stylish...delivering a piece of performance equipment that can costs just as much as the skis or the boards.

Gravity-really see the snow-...via Modulator lenses-for state of the art high contrast, light reactive lens changes tints depending on light conditions..more UV light exposed-the darker the lens
BOLLÉ's lightweight, durable and optically precise, UV blocking goggles-come in several models-some more tricked out then others-but all boasting anti-scratch, anti-fog properties and styles that give clear views of the terrain, comfortably.

There's a lot of lens technology in every Bollé goggle...including the Carbo Glas® anti scratch out lenses sheathed in a protective armor, and P80 Plus anti-fog layer embedded in the inner lens that disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens to disperse moisture build-up -banishing foggy views.

Gravity- layered foam and super soft micro-fleece against the face for comfort and P80 Plus-anti fog layer in the inner lense disperses water molecule. 

 Carbo Glas® anti-scratch

helmet fit-Forestay™ system

triple layer foam Flow-Tech® venting-vent ports control airflow.reduce fogging and optimize the flow of air

cute lens print

Flow-Tech® vents-reduce fogging and optimize air flow, double lens thermal barrier creates a thermal barrier to seal-no gap.

Several styles-are RX Adapter friendly... can go over glasses...

Y6 OTG (over the glasses)-with all the Flow-Tech Venting, Double Width PC lens, Carbon Glass anti-fog

X9 OTG-fits over glasses, Flow-Tech venting, triple layer foam face, perfect helmet fit, double PC vented lens, non-scratch coating...and polarized lens version available

ZEAL OPTICS-got the buzz going when it intro-ed its fully loaded, in-lense Z3 GPS goggle with Recon Instruments (Recon MID GPS System) two seasons ago-with an in-goggle view-finder that displays stats (speed, temps, verticals, distances etc)... on a 16:9 widescreen---a wireless Bluetooth remote, micro usb cable to upload all the data, and a wall charger ---for the cost of an iPad or laptop $499. SO no, don't lose it.

New and available now-for the GoPro HD Camera Goggle-that shoots 1080p and 720p HD quality video, plus shoots 8 megapixel HD photos---via a 170-degree wide angle camera lens.

Other beefed up boasts-in-goggle view finder-you have to kinda look down to see it so not quite as distracting as texting while driving BUT where you going, glove ready buttons on the side that can easily use with touch tech kinds of gloves, re-chargeable lithium-ion battery with a 3 hour run time (depending), and naturally- super easily synchs up with usual social media suspects to SHARE in case the NSA doesn't.

Impact resistant frame technology
HD Camera Goggle ($399) naturally has Zeal Optic's other features-including durable tough frames, anti-fog infused lens, 100% UV protection, dual strap adjustments and helmet compatible.

blurry-but usb charges on side frame...other side with the buttons

Summit Series goggles-Voyager-in Territory Turquoise $149-rimless design -with anti-fog infused lens process, impact resistant frame technology, high density lens, 100% UV protection, helmet compatible, dual strap adjustments, Optimum™ lenses,,,comes with a Sky Blue Mirror low-light lens --all mountain performance in all light conditions
retro-shape-the Kennedy with earthy tonal, plant based,  Z-Resin™ frames  AND  featuring e-llume-a plant based lens. Unisex styling, polarized lenses, hidden spring hinge, Proflex rubber,  AVAILABLE NOW $139