Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RUNNING Shoes by Newton, La Sportiva 2013

Middle left-women's Terra Momentum-an everyday base training shoe for hitting the pavement+mountain trails $149-men's version middle right.  Distance S's ($155) up top for fast pace running-lightweight stability

Right off, we have to put out there-that we've been running in Newton's---since 2009---and we met co-founder/CTO Danny Abshire-years ago at one of its first retail accounts in Manhattan.
Distance U lightweight performance trainer $155

different outsoles---for different kinds of runners/distances/workouts
Since then the 'all-natural' meaning zilcho cushioning for training shoes (not meaning purist running flats for shortish races and speed work)...has given way to a more modified minimalist approach in running shoes---with some strategic energy returning cushioning in key spots-
...but still with the emphasis on encouraging good efficient running form/mechanics...a cadence of 170-190 steps a minute and proper posture.

Gravity Performance (right), Distance Lightweight Neutral Performance Trainer (left)

For us...with naturally solid midfoot strike that kinda rocks back and pushes off the forefoot...low impact/high cadence that partially got that way, we feel- from all the triathlon bike training -where a computer mounted on the front bars gives us feedback pronto-when we're peddling.

There are computers from running that do that too, of course-but after  short while, body memory sets in.

Newton's running kicks encourage that kind of 'natural' gait (versus forefoot strike-sprinting/heel first strike-walking) with its unique  Action/ReactionTM technology ---with different styles for different kinds of runners-and depending on the mileage and type of workout too...

Generally though the construction of Newton's serve up a "trampoline"functionality ---energy returning with less shock...with flexible upper panels for natural spread, a great fit for women's selections (a big deal for us with narrow heels and a dislike of some brand's ridiculously wide toe box that reminds of us Bozo the clown shoes)...and laces that actually stay tied...and so we read...are made with recycled materials-as are the outsoles.

Fun colors too.

NEW: The 5.4 ounce MV3-lightest Newton's ever...ultra-lightweight racer with an upper of highly breathable mesh that dries fast, asymmetrical lacing so it fits like a glove and doesn't shift around, TPU cap with generous toe box, seamless anatomical support strapping so no hot spots and a midsole-with ETC anti-friction, anti-bacterial sock liner plus 2nd generation of the aforementioned Action/Reaction™ technology...we cannot wait to try out.
women's MV3 weighs 5.2 ounces-optional 3mm lift included, high rebound EVA midsole, 

5 lug forefront pattern high traction, high density rubber in heel/toe

Over the past few year's -Newton's has smartly expanded its offerings---with a full line of Performance. Guidance, and Speed shoes---made for neutral strikers and pronators...though fyi- all models accommodate orthotics.

Motion Stability Performance Trainer $175-everyday trainer w/ medial posting to offset pronation

Danny Abshire-left

That same day---(a media event)...we got intro'ed to La Sportiva-a brand that sounded familiar---and is Italian surprise-in a small mountain town in the Dolomites-a very scenic testing ground!

Core light insulation that protects vs wind....high collar, stretchy sides-w/ cuffs w/ thumbholes for great fit, hood and zipped pockets-packable...versatile jacket that layers or on its own for highly aerobic workouts in colder temps
There is a bundle of proprietary technology and top-of-the line materials/components that goes into the vast amount of footwear made by this company-for hikers/trekkers/climbers/trail runners.
developed with Italian based Vibram® the proprietary XS edge rubber formula is  technical edging compound-exceptionally resistant "to deformation razor sharp edges and it will not creep when smearing."Good for crack/face climbing +big walls- holds sharp edges...durably

XPlorer Mid GTX-lightweight hiker /access shoe-w/ breathable mesh uppers+Gore-Tex® eExtended Comfort lining-breathable/waterproof

Vibram® Idro Grip-X Traction™/Impact Brake System™(IBA)-a proprietary impact lessening/increased braking power/shock absorbing outsole design...via lug patterns-that serve up great grip too

Omega GTX-w/ lightweight flexible SYMBIOS midsole technology for comfort/stability

burly Vibram® Sasslong  outsole w/ IBS- great grip on sketchy terrain of rock/dirt-slippery conditions welcome

Trail running---is getting more popular...and La Sportiva's Mountain Runners....are all made with outsoles of Frixion® Sticky Rubber-custom formulated for maximum performance-which means duh---maximum stick---and for running kicks-that means non-marking exceptional tread life for road and trail byways...

PLUS new MorphoDynamic™ technology that provides a well cushioned ride (different degrees of that, available) that offers impact protection via a soft lightweight foam that is wrapped by sticky rubber in the midsole-that's super lightweight too...absorbing impact upon foot strike while increasing surface area of contact for the outsole.
Anaconda M (front)-w/ breathable upper that drains-ultra lightweight shock absorbing... Ultra Raptor-(back) -intermediate shock-absorbing structure

Anaconda outsole-Frixion® XF/IBS™ V-Groove™

Ultra Raptor medium profile tread
We got a pair of the Ultra Raptor to try out...a neutral stable all terrain shoe with a forefoot made of highly compressed EVA rock guard and a sticky rubber outsole (Frixion® XF) for great grip, and a cushy EZ-in™ heel pocket that cuddled and coddled our feet.

We are used to running with  a much smaller drop (3-4mm vs the 10mm here) and super duper this was a bit much of a shoe for our running style. But we could easily see how on much rougher terrain than the rather smooth dirt trails we ran on...a less aggressive strike on uneven terrains...would require more burly kicks like this.

In fact ---the lightweight (10.45 oz) and breathable mesh upper---with supportive heel pocket that gave our feet so much support-and comfortable par excellence-we rather liked these as day hikers/all day on our feet travel shoe---when we are doing more of a heel-to-toe strike.

FYI-we usually wear 8.5 -9 depending on sock thickness, if any---and the 8.5 fit us with medium/light thickness socks.

USA Water Polo Teams' official snacks- courtesy of American Pistachio Growers---the gals won the Gold Medal in London. 
Truthfully-probably one of the most coveted gifts/care package we ever sent one of our bro's---was a humongous 10 lb bag of American pistachios that probably lasted all of a New York minute.

At the same Backbone media event where we took the above pics-the engaging and talented harpist-  Leah Cecil  Miss California 2012- didn't need to coax like anyone there to partake of these addictive but healthy shelled nuts (with Potassium,  Lutein+Zeaxanthin, B6, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Beta-Carotene and Phytosterols and 6grams protein/oz)---a runner's dream of a snack that is nutrient dense.

 A perfect combo of mild saltiness, texture---and activity-biting the shells to unlock the meat.

other countries like IRAN grow a different kind of pistachio

Hopefully-with more supply availability---and the costs (versus some other bar staple nuts) will decrease- as pistachios-  dry environment thrivers- grow on trees that take 6-10 years to mature. Agricultural landscapes here in the lower 48 (California, Arizona/New Mexico in particular) support this cholesterol free nut the meantime, we did our share of indulging in the current market available crop!!!

Factoid: National Pistachio Day is February 26th.