Monday, May 27, 2013

E.L.F: Makeup/Makeup Tools Flagship Retail Store Opening NYC

741 Broadway, NYC

On the cusp of hip Union Square-meaning very subway friendly-E.L.F. debuted its first store -in just about record time, we were told- in Manhattan last week...taking probably less than 3 months to get going and emerge with a clean, easy to navigate, demo friendly emporium of makeup, makeup tools, nail  polishes etc.

10 flatscreens offer product highlights and how-to's

free makeovers

Even fans of E.L.F. available at retail partners will flock to this brick and mortar take on what has got got be one of the most inexpensive brands anywhere---as this store carries all the makeup collections (studio, essentials, mineral )...just about-with 1000 skus---rather extensive.

BONUS-the color tone ranges of these SPF15 tinted moisturizers---most brands have only 3-5.

quality packaging

color ranges including yellow or red undertones---work for all skin tones is very impressive

hot item-concealer pencil-very smudge friendly

truly a global brand-these palettes will work for every skin tone on the planet---

When we say inexpensive---we mean like every item seemingly retails from $3-$6...yet the quality of the makeup-and we demo-ed plenty--is very high...including the one item we usually splurge

Billed as affordable luxury---we would go further and say---affordable mass market too---it makes one wonder about the pricey makeup lines...and yes even E.L.F.'s packaging is sturdy and aesthetically minimalist contemporary.
color palettes---offer a range that rivals brands costing 10x more

sold individually or in a handy 11 piece brush set 

Nail polishes---come in packages and individually ---all the trendy polishes ---plus neutrals

on the left-Joey Shamah-CEO-who reportedly got fed-up with the cost of his wife's makeup---and started E.L.F. with his father-as an e-commerce only company-cost conscious yet quality---that GREW!

have it your way-light as air powder...customize shades for one's own face-and match up undertone too
pencils, glosses, matte-shiny---from classic reds to pearly pinks--plus a new  Lip Exfoliator from the Studio Line $3 with quenching shea butter, vitamin E and avocado, grape and jojoba oils.

Happy E.L.F. employees---

sweet treats for attendees