Monday, April 8, 2013

New JEWELRY: GM Collections by Giuliana Michelotti and Michael Schmidt

 Negri Firman Showroom/Gregg Mills Showroom/NYC

In our very humble opinion-if one is going to wear jewelry-like Texas-one might as well go big and bold.

Two recent collections we previewed-fit that MO beautifully...

The Italian born, now NYC living jewelry designer Giuliana Michelotti, and her GM Collections---take inspiration from Asian and African tribal/ethnic traditions---and visuals from global travels.

 What stood out for us-the biomorphic shapes of the uncut natural stones, set in almost volcanic metal shapes--- of silver and gold. AND believe it or not-these pieces are lighter in weight than they appear.

 The designer herself, launched her jewelry collection -and a housewares line as well---in 1995---and is well know in the fashion world-having collaborated with many design houses (Versace, Gianfranco Ferré, Dolce + Gabanna, Jenny, Valentino, Lacroix etc)---and exhibited pieces worldwide. Impressive!

Hand wax molds-delicate vine and flower ring is new to the collection. Very Game of Thrones...

this tray of rings beckoned to be tried on....featuring opals, smokey topaz, coral, herkimer diamond...set in silver

Silver with natural mended turquoise

leather cord-holds shell necklace-hand shaped pure silver beads

cuffs in pure silver


New to us, but he shouldn't of been-Michael Schmidt is a "wardrobing" and jewelry designer ---and if the items we saw reminds one of Chrome it did us the sec we saw ---that would be correct as this LA based talent has crafted pieces for the go - to for rock and rollers' label. And designed some of the most inventive apparel creations for the likes of Lady Gaga, Fergie, Madonna, Rhianna, Cher...etc---to wear while performing.

A picture is worth a thousand words---even 2D ones...

At the downtown Greg Mills showroom-we were floored by the edgy/elegance of the cuffs, necklaces and jewelry we saw. WOW.

 All pieces are hand made at the Michael Schmidt Studios---carefully, clearly---and depending on one's mood---or the occasion...there's a statement making necklace, cuff...earrings...that will draw accolades from anyone who eyeballs the wearer.




We think if one is wearing this to an airport-better get that TSA Fastpass to bypass security---as would def not put these on a conveyor belt for screening.

FYI: Dita Von Teese's much accoladed 3D dress, created on an iPAD---the wave of the future, imho---created by Schmidt and an architect collaborator using digital rendering technology, with a 3D printer---polished off naturally- with added Swarovski crystals (over 12,000 of them).

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