Sunday, March 3, 2013

New for HAIR S/S 2013-mē smooth Hair Removal, Mizani Hair Care, SureThik, Batiste Dry Shampoo

mē smooth: New At Home Hair Removal, Mizani Natural Hair Trends, Sure Thik Temporary Hair  Thickening Products, BATISTE Tinted Dry Shampoo

We figured the planets were aligned for a HAIR week- last week ---as we went to two events that both drew quite the crowd...involving getting rid of the natural hair from the neck down- mē smooth ---and then-celebrating the natural hair from the neck up courtesy of Mizani.

First up-  SYNERON BEAUTY debuted its at home, professional hair removal device, mē smooth---an exciting breakthrough for many, many reasons including its suitability for all skin types (fair-to dark ethnic tones)...and effective on dark- and even usually impossible to treat, blonde hairs (though not as effective-but still....)

The presentation-started with Fabian Tenenbaum, CEO of Syneron Beauty-   talking about the FDA cleared, clinically proven device--after a short promotional advertisement...and then launched into an amusing recounting of hair removal utensils over the years -starting with the ancient Romans ---including references to to shaving---even in the Bible!!!!

Dr. Shimon Eckhouse
Moving along-a big leap from the electric shavers' intro in 1916...was the invention of the IPL laser in 1994 =by Syneron founder-Dr. Shimon Eckhouse---who-also at the
presentation--- explained the science behind the new patented elōs (electric-optical synergy) technology that enables the mē smooth device to deliver a deeply penetrating even dose that is painless.

Briefly-mē smooth combines the power of the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF-that inhibits hair re-growthand also is used to tighten skin in other modalities-like Thermage)--- selectively target hair follicles deep in the dermis---thereby permanently damaging said hair follicles without damaging the actual skin's surface itself. And the deeper the laser treatment is delivered -the more effective it is...

AND a very big deal- mē smooth works effectively on all skin types and genders-without negative side effects---like hyper or hypo pigmentation (darkening or lightening of skin-sometimes permanent)...because-  the long wave lengths of mē smooth bypasses the epidermal melanin...the 'stuff' that gives skin its color. And another presenter, Dr. Valerie Callender---gave attendees quite the eyeful, slide-wise, of what prior lasers could do to the skin of those with darker tones. FYI-She used mē smooth on her own skin...that is a '5' on the Fitzpatrick skin classification system of dermal colors from very fair (Type I) to very dark (Type VI). 

We tried the mē smooth too---already in use in other areas of the world---and soon to be available stateside--- after much clinical testing for efficacy and safety, hence the FDA certification.

IMO: VERY easy to use ---mē smooth comes in a white zipped nylon case-with the device easily secured in a  cradle, pre-loaded with an elos cartridge...that's good for 6000 pulses---which we were told is enough for effectively treating one large area----at least. (pictured above)

ALSO enclosed in the kit-is a quick reference guide--and also a more detailed booklet----but basically it's intuitive how to use mē smooth, we thought- by plugging in the device and pressing the activation button on the bottom...and then slowly gliding the device over the desired area for treatment-not quick swipes--- starting with the low setting. Estimated time for different areas---is in the booklet---i.e. ten minutes for the legs...very informative.

FYI -there's 3 settings-low-medium-high---all emit a warmth sensations-totally tolerable-no stinging, nicks or cuts. The entire surface of the device must be in contact with the skin to work. AND we asked---about using on the neck up skin---and were told a hand applicator is in the works.

There is also an indicator light for the percentage of pulses left AND since the area should be shaved first---the mē smooth functions as a shaver too---(top button). HANDY. 

Clinical studies show that mē smooth effectively removed 46% of hair in treated area after only two treatments- and up to 96% of hair gone forever-- three months after the last treatment of the seven weekly treatments---! 


Suggested protocol-once a week for seven weeks then maintenance as needed-maybe once a month. Better we thought-then hauling it into a salon-you could use it at home.
answering questions----Fabian Tenenbaum (right)...Dr. Shimon Eckhouse (left)


mē smooth retails for $395 ...and the elōs replacement cartridge will retail for $50.
mē smooth will be on-shelfs in May 2013 at prestige beauty retailers including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Ulta, Sephora and Space NK as well as on QVC and is available at the end of March 2013 on

The next night---we attended a swank celebration of hair that comes in all types of curls...for Mizani...

---at the L'Oreal Academy in SOHO- where Mizani celebrated natural hair trends for 2013-with Kim Coles (Comedian/Actress) hosting the evening ---labelled  "The Spoken Word."

FUN FUN FUN-there was also a spoken word performance by A.B.Y.S.S  ---that wowed the crowd...!

The hair trends -Natural Symmetry, Creative Resistance, Poetic Rhythm and Ambiguous Curl got translated by four talented stylists...Maria Thompson, Evie Johnson, Robert Thomas, and Darico Jackson...via four models that took the stage and the opportunity to bust a few interpretive dance moves to show off the looks.
slide show highlighted natural hair styles

Kim Coles

DJ Amanda Seales -VH1
We had a chance to chat about this hair style- a very sculptural look---that requires "99 cents apiece" hair extensions---the model's own hair sleekly gathered up top-with the hair pieces sewn in and then twisted/ shaped....

Most used product Mizani Supreme Oil-mineral oil and silicone FREE

Most used product...Mizani Supreme Oil-made with 8 nourishing/moisturizing oils that doubles as a restorative treatment too...we slather on our hair to counter-act all the drying out that comes courtesy of swimming in a chlorine laden pool.

This model has her naturally llloooooong locks twisted and gathered up just so.

We had a chance to chat with A.B.Y.S.S a talented guy from Atlanta...who has his own hair braided to spell out his name. "It took a few hours..."---he told us when we questioned about how much time it took to get the look. The style will last "about a month. "

Very cool and two thumbs up to a man suffering for beauty too.

ABYSS---spoken word artist---from Atlanta---check out his hair---braided---and it spells out his name! 
The opposite of unwanted---the lack there-of, specifically thinning hair---concerns both genders too.

From Toronto, SureThik® is a line of Hair Thickening Fibers and treatment products---including a Thickening Foam (Volumisante Mousse) and Thickening Mist with Humidity Guard.

SO...we didn't even know what hair fibers are---and we were very curious-and got to sample it last week. 

SureThik's come in what are kind of like a salt n' pepper shaker. The electro-static fibers themselves-meaning they cling to existing hair...come in different colors (8 in all)- to match one's hair color...

Available in 13g and 27g and 2.5g thicknesses---the fibers we got- 13g ---were tiny tiny tiny. Basically---one styles one's hair as desired...then shakes SureThik's Hair Thickening Fibers-made from a complex of organic keratin protein that has been precision cut with a laser ... over a thinning hair spot like the top of the then clings to what's there---and realistic looking- builds up the volume---without looking fake---and not itchy either. Easy to use---only a little shake lets loose plenty.

Note-hair should be dried.

A temporary solution-of course---but we could see a market for this product. And supposedly the fibers are rain, wind and sweat proof too--- remaining in place till one shampoos it out. One shaker lasts 3-4 weeks. Good to use for all hair types.

The Thickening Foam and the Thickening Mist are also suitable for all hair types, we felt. We tried both products on our own hair--- dripping wet for the foam---where we used a generous pump----and on dry locks for the mist...three sprays a few inches away from our head that we then finger combed through.

Nice---both felt non-sticky, offering medium-high hold (mousse)/light-medium (mist)...and big for us-barely scented, apple-y fruity formulations too that dissipated.

The foam held our wavy tresses just fine-no weighting down, and volume added as the products 'coats' locks...and the spray--- as a light coating---left our locks still finger comb-able.

FYI: Two thumbs up---alcohol free, sulfate free, dye free!!!

TIP: Shake the Thickening Foam  a bunch of times before using.

INFO: SureThik

Another way to add thickness, texture--- with some hold---is dry shampoo...something we see deployed more and more- by professional hair stylists with an arsenal of products at their disposal. Batiste Dry Shampoo...comes in three tints---very cool: 

Light and Blonde, 

Dark and Deep Brown

 and Medium and Brunette. 

We tried the the last one---and basically what is nice about using a tinted version is that one doesn't have to work so hard to rub in/through  the powder so it disappears easier---blends with one's own hair tone, adds to volume and texture. SMART IDEA. 

INFO: Batiste