Thursday, March 21, 2013


In Our Inbox...

Sure...saturated color tones are a huge Spring 2013 trend...but figure  that the 89.3% percent of people who care about such trends---will embrace this one via accessories---to match up with their neutral shaded apparel, i. e. BLACK attire--

FUN...the bright t-strap Lacoste jellies...with an embossed croc scale footbed ...available in four colors -including black, naturally...for < $50 

Wrists get a look-at me- bump-up with the easily, interchangeable UV coated silicone straps ($20) of  MODIFY watches...paired with the new,  on trend Rose Gold Watch Face ($30). Change up the combos---as per outfit or mood. 

Even the color phobic will find favor with the Black Glitter strap...and bonus, water resistant (3ATMs "go swimming") too.