Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Mercato Restaurant,

When an upscale fragrance/skincare brand launches a more accessibly priced line of scented, bath and body care goodies...and an attainably priced and massively popular brand goes a bit upscale with a well packaged line of spa products...that's worth a few words.

The first is the I Coloniali -an Italian fragrance/"well-being" collection of exotically sourced ingredients fashioned into complex aromas and skincare/grooming products...now being 're-launched' in a meaningful fashion...and available worldwide.

An Italian oasis-the fab Mercato Restaurant- on the fringes of the Garment District ---was an ideal locale for the re-introduction of this very famous, Made In Italy line.

Immediately ---we were drawn to the aluminum packaging of the eight fragrances available...in homage to the aluminum vats used in Grasse, France to protectively store the precious/pricey raw materials and essential oils from light and other external agents.

Plus, so we were told- the pretty graphics on the unique spray bottles of the fragrant sprays...and on the shower and body products...are unique---patterns that reminded us of some early Rococo (18th century) design elements from  Italy itself.

All together -the aptly coined "SEDUCTIVE ELIXIR" collection has eight Body Fragrances- ($25)-each inspired to be somewhere between what a eau de parfum and a  typical body spray (loaded with alcohol)---might accomplish. Impressively, each of the cooling aromatic sprays boast complexities-with top, middle and base notes.

Also available in the eight scents--- Body Milk ($20.00-light white cream, easily absorbed moisturizers) and either Shower Scrubs, Shower Creams, or Shower Gels ($15).

We suppose everyone at this well attended event was drawn to one particular scent or another-with floral, exotically spice-y and woods-y notes---including one we loved-the Ardent Amber-with a refreshing and warm notes of Tangerine, Jasmine, and Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk. Big plus---the different products layer well-are year round appropriate--- and not so precious as to not want to have an extra spray for post gym workouts.

Other aromatic options available---Sensual Silk, Sexy Vanilla, Mysterious Rose, Animal Oud, Angel Musk, Playful Lychee, and Luxurious Datura.

The second brand---and one of our favs---is The Body Shop's Spa Fit Collection---and its new smartly packaged Spa Fit Firming and Toning Gel Creme Massage. 

Basically---its a generously sized tube of very tingly -100% natural origin citrus and caffeine ingredients (both probably nip the appearance of cellulite with regular use---for several weeks).

How we used...first we twist the top-just a bit-to get out a dab of the creamy blue gel-lotion out---then apply to our calves and thighs, adding a tad more, as needed -using the flexible massager rubber top to swirl it around...and then rub in any extra with our hands.

The pepperminty after feel lingers---and is invigorating---thus good to use after a work-out, let alone a shower. NICE...and generously sized ($22.50 online).

And as always with The Body Shop- ---all the products are cruelty free!