Sunday, March 10, 2013

ENDURANCE SPORTS- Watches+ Nutrition

Outdoor Retailer/SLC
Daily Suites/Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/NYC

New Ways to Keep the Pace...Time-wise and Fueling Up

No surprise, the most recent Outdoor Retailer provided lots of items that help with the training...

With's multi-sports (triathlons).

With some fellow triath people, we notice a on the spectrum- like obsession with stats- that kinda amuses us- as amateurs level ---it's akin to expensive Little League for  grown-ups (how we explain it to our Yoga/Pilate centric gal pals)...

But we don't have that kind a personality---ahahaha ---our needs for a timepiece include one that can double as an everyday wear accessory.

IMHO-very impressive---a wide assortment of Spring 2013 Freestyle watches we previewed...with several new styles too average range price-of $110-$195.

Avalon-38mm case -3 hand movement with date,  cute embossed alligator silicone band-water resistant to 200 meters. Dive series-with one-way ratcheting bezel

Kampus XL-47mm-silicone freefall strap, dual time, one-way ratcheting bezel, date, stopwatch, countdown timer,  hydro pushers, 100m water resistant

Available for small-medium-large wrists...Freestyle Watches break down into five categories: Outdoor, Sport,  Dive, Endurance and Shark---so there's selections that do waaay more than just tell time. And as befits the label's name---watery environments =no problem.

CANDY-38mm case size, 3-hand movement, water resistant to 100 meters, luminous hands

Not lacking functionalities... for multi-sports there are the Workout 75 Lap watches (handy-wih a lap/split function---lightweight too), Predator -with a 10 lap memory, countdown timer, and stopwatch...and another series with the tide data for 150 beaches worldwide, programmed in (Killer and Classic Tides) name a few. Good for cross-training on a surf board.
Classic Tide Watch

Killer Shark Watch-stopwatch,  countdown timer, dual time, alarm, hydro pushers, tides data, 48mm case

New-Killer Shark Tide Watches

Killer Shark Tide Watch-stopwatch, countdown timer, dual time, alarm, hydro pushers, 100 meters water resistant , 48mm case
The Shark Slim---with interchangeable band ----sooooooo fun---and water resistant till 30 meters...!!!! One piece silicone bands come packaged as 3 ...easy to switch too.
the watch comes slides into band-time/date/night vision-lights up
 We've use our Suunto watch -the t6c -for racing---and have the battery changed - at the Suunto booth at Outdoor Retailer...THANKS. There are more functions with feedback that we could ever want or figure out though there a scores of instructional videos and very patient customer service with a live human ready to walk one through. Something all brands should have, imo.

Stat happy types (and their coaches)...probably love this model---now updated to the t6d.

For swimming outdoors-we prefer an application of stick sunscreen---we feel it lasts, longer than the lotion when in the water---as it's a thicker coat.

Beyond Coastal is our go to brand---with broad spectrum protection.
we also like the Beyond Coastal Natural  Sunscreen in clear---with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. Great for darker skin tones as there is no white chalky residue---a problem with some white mineral based sunscreens

at Demo Day Outdoor Retailer January 2013..we count on the ProBar peeps to have delish bars for breakfast (and lunch....)
FOOD IS's not like we don't appreciate well made cuisine but during 'the season' it's more about what's going to help us train, nutrition wise. Plus-we don't cook much beyond coffee and tea.

PRO BAR now has USDA Organic Energy Chews (Bolt)---that are super easy digestible-even before a swim---very rare for us, and a great way to kill the hunger pains before we start exercising.

With electrolytes and B vitamins-these tasty gummy bear like (organic tapioca syrup helps with that)... bursts of complex carb energy--- without the crash and burn--- are available in authentic tasting fruit flavors;  Strawberry, Orange (gluten-free),  Berry Blast and Raspberry (the later two with caffeine via organic Yerba Mate). And so we learned-the USAD Organic label means non-GMO ingredients...!

Vanilla, Chocolate and Berry Smoothie-12 grams of protein/serving

Another new product we tried at Outdoor Retailer---are these Milk Duds'- like, sweet tasting,  Jelly Belly Sport Beans® Protein-laden post-performance recovery crisps...with 12g protein a serving (from pea and whey)...a portable, easy way to get the protein we need after a race. We probably could have eaten this entire bin after an active snowboard session on the nearby slopes. Gluen-free, peanut free, kosher..with vitamins B+D. Recovery From The Ordinary™...sure!

New to us...but certainly already very popular with a lot of athletic types that we know-Honey Stinger , founded by spawns of beekeepers...serves up a series of yummy products including energy and protein bars, an addictive, crunchy cool USDA organic Chocolate Waffle (dairy and nut free)-that is fairly filling for a light weight crisp... and organic gels.

Brand new---the USDA Organic Energy Chews---that gave us the surge we needed on a multi-hour hike...AND BONUS... gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO ingredients. 0g Trans Fats and no partially hydrogenated oils. 100% RDA Vitamin C along with 1g protein and 1g fibre per package. 

The lime-ade flavor has a bit of caffeine too...and all have 160 calories a pack. 

We never thought that we'd discover delicious food at the Daily Suites/in the glam Mandarin Hotel- during the most recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC...
John Mitchell-VP of Product Development LYFE

whole grain penne pasta with turkey meatballs

But we did. Amazing...developed by bunch of smart entrepreneurs and a CIA-trained chef (that's the Culinary Institute...not the spy place)...who worked years for Whole Foods...and gets the healthy thing.
LYFE KITCHEN microwavable entrees---our idea of heating things up-very easy to serve-up- without sacrificing the taste. Seven entrees available now---breakfast and lunch/dinner ones.

We tried the Steel-Cut oatmeal with Quinoa-with cinnamon spice and sliced mixed fruits that emerge fresh-not mushy---what a revelation- on how good a hot cereal could be-and blessed with 5grams protein, vitamins and fiber (270 calories).

We love oatmeal---but eating it makes us sleepy for some reason---so we bought some of these-delivered courtesy of Fresh Direct priced around $4.50-$5.99/apiece)--- and eat as dessert in the evening...really. Hits the spot after a day of work and a night of training. Freezer kinda changes around our thinking of what can emerge from a box. Here's hoping they go for the USDA Organic label...we'd pay a bit more for the non-GMO/pesticide free goodies.

FYI: Just signed actress/mom Jennifer Garner as "strategic advisor"...

The Teaologist® is an artisanal NYC based tea company that blends its own brews that are positively transporting. Whole fruits and spices give the samples we tried---a complex flavor----waaayyy beyond what we usually sip. And as we were told-mixing the teas with alcohol...very popular.

The loose leaf blends- come in kid friendly (naturally sweet, caffeine free), and exotic mixes...including our fav that we sipped- The Siberian -a vanilla Houjicha ginger tea..."...a coffee-drinker's cup of tea."($11.50 for 2oz blend). Nice way to energize without the headache coffee can give us...

We discovered the benefits of a complete protein powders-with essential and non-essential Amino Acids- two years ago...and have tried a slew of them---including the vegan kind made of pea and hemp proteins (eh taste-with water as the liquid part)...and the whey based kind-a dairy kind that  that we only have during the 'season'---which we blend with water---for a more milk shake flavor/texture...aka...tolerable taste.

The best tasting chocolate flavor we ever had-authentic, not chalky and relatively low calorie-120cals/protein-of pea, whey, rice - 15g ratio ---and bonus---is also packed with vitamins and minerals (Bs, C, D, plus anti-inflammatory enzyme Bromelain, ProbioGuard™ Probiotics blend with 1 billion active Lactobacillus acidophilus, Omega 3 loaded Flaxseed)-  so as to be a one stop shopping kind of recovery drink or a meal substitute----belongs to the Optimal Solutions brand that we first tried last year at a Niki Taylor hosted event

Lucky us we walked outta there with a 16oz sample which is packaged in an appropriate sized container as  opposed to those ridiculously oversized (and half empty) plastic containers of other muscle brands...

Again we blend with water---and its dissolved well enough with a bit of stirring (though some people blend in a blender-and use milk ---any kind-or sprinkle on oatmeal, fruit etc).

Recently the pr team sent over a few packets of the vanilla flavor---that lo and behold, tastes like vanilla bean -the real kind, not the artificial kind with an aftertaste. We wish they'd send over a whole case if they feel their office needs a bit of tidying up. 

FYI: Though Optimal Solutions (a Nature's Bounty brand) is billed to meet a gal's nutritional needs-we think both genders would benefit from this tasty option. Widely available online and at mass merchs...

NAVITAS Naturals bills itself as a Superfoods Company...and it is...with organic - and exotic anti-oxidant/vitamin packed fruit/nuts/seeds powders like Pomegranate, Goji, Cacao, Lucuma, Maqui Berry, Chia and Hemp...  and dried fruits that are unique to this Dragonfruit slices and Goji Berries.

Smoothies made easy---a little of the aforementioned powders-maybe sweetened up with NN Coconut Palm Sugar, added to nuts, rice or almond milk, some fruit- with a tad of water and vanilla extract---gives a tasty whole food source of protein, anti-oxidants, essential fats, minerals and vitamin packed=meaningfully healthy drinks.

CLIF Bars are a fav with us ---they always have an easily accessed exhibit space at Outdoor Retailer that we are embarrassed how often we swing by for a sample!

Our top Clif product though: the  Chocolate Cherry Shot Bloks- that we buy by the case, several in fact----with 50g caffeine and a teeny bit of sodium per serving. The taste is a fruity/chocolate blend as billed, we don't need water as a chaser-unlike gels...with 3 chewy bloks (texture as expected...) delivering 100 calories without the crash and burn of candy-but as satisfying (and addictive). 

We try to stick these, individually on our handle bars-that doesn't work---but carefully tape a half full pack on the bar...along with a gel pack---for those long training rides---where we get hungry...and need something that our stomach can handle that will give us a boost. 

Tradeshow/Daily Suites Images/ Words- Judith Ecochard