Friday, January 4, 2013

VELASHAPE II Cellulite Help-- Syneron®

AND New Skin Enhancers... for 2013

Union Square Laser Dermatology
19 Union Square West, NYC

 Z. Paul Lorenc M.D. F.A.C.S
983 Park Ave., NYC

Recently a crowd of media beauty types gathered for an AM introduction to the spacious and beautifully designed brand new laser/treatment focused, loft like office of Dr. Anne Chapas and Dr. Jennifer MacGregor.

Also as host-Syneron®-Candela®-a 'medical solutions' company that makes multi-tasking lasers that can custom treat multiple skin conditions, depending on what's need---like aged related fine wrinkles, acne/raised scars, sunspots, uneven skin tone etc...for all skin ethnicity's.

 Besides featuring 20 state of the art laser and energy devices that both doctors are well trained to use---this medical practice is made for the 21st century in other ways-as in wifi for patients, online scheduling, and a waiting room we wish we could move into. That stylish and comfy.

The presentation we all gathered for was highlighted by the new VelaShape II laser device-that, over a series of sessions-temporarily diminishes the appearance of certain types cellulite (Grades One and Two)--we asked---meaning cellulite that is visible when standing up but not lying down...and also
results in circumferential reduction in the treated areas...via a combo of light (infrared) and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energies-as well as mechanical rollers (massaging) and a vacuum to manipulate the treated area-as well as (comfortably) heat it up.

A series of treatments-a week apart are recommended--and as it is "temporary" (maybe lasts up to six months)- so upkeep-with a session- every few months--- is suggested. What is the benefit---is a reduction in the appearance of dimpled skin that plagues many an upper thigh-even on athletic types...combined with a decrease in thigh width (about 2 inches /thigh seemed typical).

Though costs of this treatment-that is popular for gals prior to going on a warm beachy vacation---is around $1500 for a package of four Union Square Laser Dermatology...the price will probably vary depending on locale of the practice.

Other areas of the body-like love handles around the stomach area for guys, stomach area...and the upper arms are suitable for treatment too---though it should be noted that Velashape is for smoothing via shrinking subcutaneous fat ---and won't help those who have lax/stretched skin...

We thought this was interesting technology (Syneron's unique elòs technology).

A few weeks later ---we had a wide-ranging chat with Dr. Z Paul Lorenc...about the aforementioned-which he has not used in his practice as of yet...but commented on the recently approved by the FDA-dermal filler,  Belotero® Balance (Merz Aesthetics) that is superficially injected to treat fine/smile lines of the face...(versus diluting other hyaluronic acid based products)...for that über smooth, even (and immediate) result that instantly looks great--- basically downtime free. 

Another popular treatment for those wanting aesthetic-anti-aging benefits toute de suite is Merz Aesthetics Xeomin®, a botulinum toxin product Type A (similar to Botox, Dysport)...that 'freezes' (temporarily-typically lasting 4-6 months) the frown lines in the forehead (glabellar lines), and corners of the eyes-to cite two areas that seem most in demand. Xeomin has FDA approval for  medical conditions too...

We are no legal experts ---but we did find an informative reprint of a clip online that explains Allegan's (maker of Botox®) vs Merz bit in the courts (Link)...which may explain why both aforementioned products aren't widely available-or written about in the beauty biz- as of yet. Though it seems one can request it at a medical practice that has it...maybe.

However, we can definitely say that who ever is wielding the needle-meaning the practitioner one employs for any dermal filler treatment-is key to any outcome and customer satisfaction. Buyer beware. This is not something to go bargain hunting for...and results vary widely because of a practitioner's skill level. Personally, we think Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc -who also is a plastic surgeon-is top notch for and dermal filler applications...especially for those who want a natural look. 

WHAT ELSE----Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc's office offers meaningful facials (SkinFit Medical Spa)...and one of the most popular new skin treatments will be-according to the amazing skin practitioner Clarissa (read our prior review of other available treatments) ZO (Obagi) Medical Peels. 

We-as well as many others---are HUGE fans of this Dermatologist's line of skin care products...the line-up is results oriented and "hard core."