Monday, January 14, 2013

14.oz-Limited Edition Shoe by Italian Buttero x Denham Dutch Denim Brand

Unlike some concept/curated retail stores that get tons of publicity for their owners and the  merchandise purveyed (but little in the way of sales)----14OZ -Berlin based boutiques actually sell things that men nd women wear.

PLUS-it's the exclusive to these stores only (or just about)---that make the style conscious very happy.

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A special highlight for shoecoholics: Buttero X Denham X 14 oz. limited Denim-Edition.

In collaboration with Italian shoe manufacturer Buttero and the Dutch denim brand Denham The Jeanmaker 14 oz. Berlin presents a limited denim sneaker edition. As lowcut or highcut for women and men this sneaker associates handicraft with everything that makes blue hearts beat faster. The upper is made of 14 oz. denim by leading denim weaver Candiani. A removable leather sole guarantees highest comfort. 

Buttero X Denham X 14 oz. limited Denim-Edition

The Buttero X Denham X 14 oz. Edition is limited to 300 pairs worldwide and exclusively available at the two Denham Stores in Amsterdam, Buttero's flagship in Milan as well as in the two 14 oz. Berlin stores. The price for the lowcut is 219.90 EUR, the highcut is available at 239,90 EUR.

Buttero X Denham X 14 oz. limited Denim-Edition

Buttero X Denham X 14 oz. limited Denim-Edition

14 oz. store Berlin

Kurfürstendamm 193-194
10707 Berlin Germany

Opening Times: Mon-Sat, 10 - 19 h
14 oz. store Berlin
Neue Schönhauser Straße

Neue Schönhauser Str. 13 

10178 Berlin | Germany

Opening Times: Mon-Sat, 11 - 20 h