Wednesday, December 5, 2012

OSSWALD Boutique +ARQUISTE New Fragrances

311 West Broadway, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

Osswald Boutique...the refined emporium for niche fragrances and high end skin care products ---hosted founder of Arquiste, Carlos Huber and renown perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux- to intro the new aromatic Boutonniere n.7.

A roomful of eager scent-aholics sniffed samples of several scents - cleverly staged- with informative placards revealing the inspiration-a particular historic time, or person-with vignettes of items relevant to each sample-curated by Huber...including tobacco, cinnamon quills, flowers, antique books and cut glasses of cognac.

scents crafted to evoke a point in time...and transport wearers to another time

Clèment Pinard-Store Manager gave us a tour of each scent

Boutonniere n.7 itself is a sophisticated scent inspired by the L'Opera Comique in Paris, circa 1899...with traces of lavender, Italian mandarin, gardenias, and oak moss.

our fav- and imho-a scent that will appeal to women----for themselves

Carlos Huber-is an architect specializing in historic preservation-and is a Mexican native

Rodrigo Flores-Roux
Available at OSSWALD BOUTIQUE...which is not set-up for e-commerce...yet.

a cult favorite-By Terry makeup/skincare line