Thursday, December 20, 2012

DR. Martens Spring 2013-Men's/Women's Footwear

Left/Right-Open AirWair -Clarissa patent chunky strap sandal in acid bright tones. Middle-Arien 3-Eye Creeper-patent  leather-Re-Invented classic kick

Crafted Made in England, Eclectic, Heeled, Open AirWair, Refined, Re-Invented, Winsdor,  Collections and New Accessories

words/images Judith Ecochard

Fifty years (and counting)...the English Dr. Martens footwear brand-saw its steel-toe, capped kickers storm this side of the Pond--along with the invasion of all those iconic punk bands---during the late 70's early 80's. rowing up, everyone wore Dr. Martens-at some point.

Since then the label -which has its roots in British working class sub culture of rock n roll since the 60s...has evolved into a large selection of boots, shoes and sandals-all blessed with a bit of roguish swagger ---kinda a signature touch.

Some highlights from the Spring 2013 offerings---bold, fun and traditional selections-  all made really well----featuring Goodyear Welt Construction (stitched, not glued...) and Dr. Martens' cushioned air soles---comfy and durable. Stomp on.

on right-classic 8-eye boot gets splashes of flower prints-in full grain leather and acid neons-Goodyear Welter Kicks-w/ Dr. Martens  origin air-cushioned sole. Boots typically range $120-$140

3-eye (r) and Brogue Shoe in patent-with fun 2 tone palette ($120)

Cyprus 2 strap slide $110-beach to street option

STUDS!!! Grrrr---3-Eye Shoe and 8-Eye boots w/ matching sic-fi silver or girly pink details. Modern kicks ($250/$350)-Goodyear Welt Construction...air cushioned soles
Stiletto like heels---mixed w/ Dr. Martins ---studded and smooth metallic uppers.
right---open styles get some spiky height-Anastatia studded sandal $165, Yasmin Studded Open Boot  $190
Low heel options-makes contemporary ---a classic boot---Goodyear Welt Construction w/ Z welt-stitch and heat sealing process, air-cushioned sole=durable and fashion forward fun.
right-Clemency 8 tie boot $130

Refined take on the classics-Floral print Lynn 8-eye boot $130
chunky heel-easy to walk on

Baby Leo animal prints...

Jojo closed toe sandal $150

6-eye lace up

On left-Flash Fisherman Sandal  $120 and Skye Studded Slide---$140--men's and women's versions, fyi !!!!!

right-men's Pascal 8-eye boot, smooth leather $130

left-casual fusion options-Floyd Brogue shoe $85

Refined-redefined-Windsor collection...handsome Brogue Shoes (Alfred, Carrington, Dillan Saddle)/Boots  (Bentley-Beckett) $160-$ smooth/antique waxed leather and very fun camo canvas
The Originals...Made In England-slender (er) lasts -lots of polished style-made in Dr. Martens factory in Wollaston, Northamptonshire...delivering in time for Downton Abbey part 3. Nice.
on the left-stipe silk cloth and in the middle-Merino fine wool uppers (with leather)  are from traditional Brit firms Stephen Wlaters & Sons (since 1720)...and  Martin Sons & Co. from Huddersfield, respectively

left/right-Elizabeth Wingtip shoe, 1461 3-eye shoe, 1460-8-eye boot

Women's-Ailee Wingtip Fringe Boot and Elizabeth Wingtip Shoe

Percy 3 eye shoe-front 
Beckett 8-eye boot -in houndstooth

Multi-Acid tie die- Classics get trippy-100% cotton material upper-each shoe a unique pattern

1460 8 Eye Boot-women's