Monday, November 26, 2012

STOCKING STUFFER GIFTS On A Budget -Holiday 2012

With so many relatives---for the under 25 group---we buy a horde of stocking stuffer items-...spread out on a table-and then give tote bags out-for the young'uns to just take what they those candy bins. Fun and appreciated. And ageless, really.

We have never shopped at any TV shopping networks-really, we live in NYC-but since we went to an HSN holiday preview-we were impressed with the assortment-and of course-it's easy. Home decor wise- the real wine labels (and bottles)---used as candle holders by Nashi, packed in a wooded crate-a welcome hostess gift, ($19.95).

Nothing signals holidays to us than the tree people taking hold of a quarter of our block-selling evergreens to the urban masses in the 'hood. HSN CARES ornaments, beautifully packaged- are courtesy of various celebs---PLUS-the winning assortment benefits assorted charities such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, via 100% of the profits -donated.

Baubles of a different kind-not expensive but eye-catching...Link enamel bracelets by Gemma Simone...

 Stella & Dot---fashionable everyday jewelry...

 Who wears watches to tell the actual time anymore---the accesorization of timepieces marches on---Modify has super fun silicone rubber watchbands in a rainbow's worth of colors---with interchangeable pop-in dials to fit any mood or outfit. Cute...

easy to remove and snap securely back in

  Another  fashion watch line with replaceable pieces (bands, dials)---Marc Coblen 
watch band options

dials and more watch band colors/textures

secures on easy

A bit of splashy Italian flavored bling is nicely done by GLAMROCK watches-in their Miami Beach Deco line of modern mechanics-but retro-inspired timepieces...with bands of solid metal hardware that doubles as a statement bracelet.


What we love about this rugged watch ---is that it is really a computer/heart rate monitor/navigator/compass-with numerous GPS features---all handily accessed on the wrist-with software updates continuously- so these souped up timepieces never outdate themselves. Finally.

Interchangeable zip-off cover tops---durable messenger bags with personality-from Blinkzgear...what a great idea...each hauler ($65) can get add on covers---also sold separately $15. 

 Young audiophiles---iHome Audio's Disney earphones---or digital boom boxes...retro appeal for the modern age...

Pilot Pen has packages of Frixion Point colored gel pens-that are erasable...-perfect for kids that like to draw---anywhere. Think of them as crayons for nowadays...the kind adults will borrow.

skirt made of Pilot Pens!!!!

Those who are artistically inclined-but without an ounce of talent----we thought these whimsical paintings/drawings by fashion icon Rebecca Moses-charming.

The Dryer Always Eats Them...socks, socks socks---somewhat ho-hum an idea (like ties) but when available in trend on patterns and colors---the more the merrier! Da-Sein makes soft, warm and fashionable styles.

Spiritually inclined friends would appreciate these good vibrations - gift packages of aromatic incense, smudge sticks and shelf worthy incense burners from Prabhuji"s Gifts,

Travel size cosmetics and beauty items---are an ideal way to fill up any stocking...and a nice way to try out a brand. At the Natural Expo East -the Aubrey's Organic exhibit was perpetually packed---with the Facial/Healer expert Christine- of the eco-oriented salon, Faces of Astarte -Little Falls, NY-using skin type specific cleansers, moisturizers and make-up exclusively from this brand...the genius company behind the cult classic hair soother,  

GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner.

Another more natural option for makeup junkies-the pure mineral line-Mineral Fusion---with highly pigmented eye shadow options, and build-able effective coverage that doubles as sun block AND good for even sensitive skin--free from parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, gluten, talc, and phthalates.

Travelers---need items that will endure!!!

For what's on top---ideal as they pack down, and last forever unless one of the Big Five starts gnawing on them-, Tilley Hats -come in  a slew of styles that are seasonal in design/materials and multi-tasking---ideal for anyone outside who wants to look good as well as be protected from UVA/UVB. The eco minded would appreciate the options made from organic cotton...

 We grabbed this shot during New York Fashion Week---and could not help but notice that the watertight Pelican camera cases as well as Pelican Pro Gear backpacks were the brand of choice for photographers-on the go --- wanting to ensure that all those pricey cameras/lenses/video equipment-survived Fashion Week in optimal shape-unlike their owners, most likely, ha.

Personally, we have the hardcase-slim tablet case protecting our iPAD---with an amazing automatic purge valve-kinda like scuba diving-that keeps the water and dust out while balancing pressure. PLUS-crush proof and with a lifetime inexpensive way to protect those items that comprise a big part of our life...and we' be lost without.

And for the ultimate ski/snowboard experiences---the brand new Mountain Collective pass-that enables half price lift tickets + two free days per spot...meaning a total of eight free tickets-NO BLACKOUT DATES... and lodging discounts- at the most exclusive dream powder destinations in America-Aspen/Snowmass, Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, Jackson Hole, and Alta. A bargain if one plans on accumulating vertical mileage in snow we dream about ---these four independent resort areas are really some of the best on the planet. Easy.

A gift for anyone who lives nearby-but even East Coasters and Europeans benefit from this landmark the costs works out to less than $48 per lift ticket if just using the freebies---and certainly an incentive to visit all four spots.