Thursday, November 22, 2012



We have a gal pal who once told us that--- her female friends always gave her the best gifts-like spa certificates, the latest 'it' makeup/nail polishes-in colors she liked...well, okay- except for the 'rock' on her finger and most recently, the Christian Louboutin knock-out black pumps her husband bought home on a whim, one day...nice. does makes sense for women to be gift thing divas...we're the major decision-making purchasers in this country (just like the majority of registered voters who vote).

---and sometimes the practical/splurgy gifts are the keepers---!

Our thought was skin care as giftables-the kind that's not sold mass market---but mostly available for purchase in reputable Doctor's offices. Why???-because the products may not be glamorously packaged or pitched, but work-and with scientifically derived,  higher concentrations of active ingredients- work... and my be an indulgence to some, but appreciated by all.

LIKE: The top tier anti-aging formulations-premium serums, creams, and/or combos of this and that.

True the cosmeceutical marketplace is saturated. It's difficult to figure out what's not necessarily just hope in a jar (which of course-the expression has actually been grabbed by skincare company, Philosophy).

We know women who would not necessarily spend earned coinage on these kinds of cosmeceutical products-but of course would use them in a New York minute.

And so-we thought of the focused, three product skin care line,  ReGenica--- as a welcome holiday gift- as this cosmeceutical collection we intro'ed at a recent anti-aging conference ---and, tried for ourselves-giving it two thumbs up for normal-and normal to dry skin types.

As a follow-up to that soft-launch-we were invited to a recent meet/greet/presentation with the Regenerative Medicine Scientist, Dr. Gail Naughton -inventor of the key ingredient in the widely respected TNS® serum-who developed a "proprietary tissue engineering technology for the first time, mimics the human embryonic environment and reverts cells to a multi-potent state,,,(where) they regain their embryonic ability to produce a unique mix of proteins and growth factors known to stimulate stem cells and aid in rejuvenation."

Meaning a visible real change via a key ingredient dubbed Multipotent CCM Complex™ in skin texture/tone/appearance- that doesn't wash off.

It was a tribute to Naughton and her work-that others in attendance that early evening- included many big name dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and a few clinicians that we addition to  top NY area dermatologist,  Dr. Heidi Waldorf, M.D. -who gave an informative slide presentation.

Waldorf's talk-which we summarized from a prior conference we attended--- a similar presentation... included reasons for "intrinsic and extrinsic reasons for aging"-and her two fold-day/night approach for patients' basic skin care...including the ritualistic  application of combo products ...for best results.

Next-Dr. Naughton's presentation-which was really attentively listened to-included the methodology and test results of three clinical trials conducted on the effectiveness of ReGenica's ingredients packed, products.

BTW-Dr. Naughton did acknowledge that TNS® is a wonderful product-after all, she is responsible for a lot of that success...but pointed out that ReGenica is free of bovine serum -that we were told is responsible for that distinct odor of TNS® serum. A good thing.

ReGenica is also available in physician's offices, nationwide.

Another physician driven company-MDSolar Sciences™ founded by Dr. Robert J. Friedman, a leading Dermatologic Oncologist, Clinical Professor at the NYU School of Medicine---has a slew of easy to apply,  broad spectrum sunscreens that we think would be greatly appreciated especially as a gift paired with say, plane tickets to some far flung exotic tropical island. Ha.

MDSolar Sciences™has several products- that are mineral lotions/sticks (with Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide)-  fragrance-free (!) and safer organic (chemical) based sunscreen products (with stabilized Avobenzone)-including a very handy body spray- containing no controversial or irritating chemicals like oxybenzone, octinoxate, PABA or parabens.

We've scoured the sunscreen section and by and large every mass marketed product has the same formula----packed with controversial ingredients-and frankly-not so effective as to truly block out the effects of the sun's  UVA-sun damaging rays and UVB-sunburning rays after say, forty minutes, we were very motivated to try MDSolarSciences™ products ourselves.

Our most used product-and we are sure to get more as the triathlon racing season starts up again- and our first half Ironman has a run in the sun- with no the really convenient chemical MDSolarSciences™ Quick Dry Spray SPF 40. (148ml/5 fl. Oz./ $20.95)

 A non-propellant spray --- btw -a really important point- as it does not contain flammable solvents to get the spray part going like other sunscreen sprays (YIKES)...

PLUS Quick Dry is also one of the few sunscreen sprays available that does not use Oxybenzone-a possible hormone disrupter (like BPA)---or Oxtinoxate-a chemical known to destroy coral reefs (scuba divers/snorkelers-take note). 

And to effectively block harmful UVA/UVB rays-MdSolarSciences™ uses a patent pending stabilization system (SolSciX) ton help stabilize the Avobezone-which prevents the sun-blocking ingredient from breaking down (as in, not work) when exposed to sunlight.

Plus-the Quick Dry went on easily, even using the can upside down to reach the back of our legs. It also was not greasy...and didn't slide into our eye sockets- after a face application...even when we worked up a it's highly water resistant. 

What's nice about the spray too- is that when we needed help with coverage on the top of our back, it's a little more sanitary to have a fellow racer help out with a sunscreen spray... than using their hands to apply lotion. 

Impressively, the Quick Dry Spray SPF 40 has earned a "3" (on a scale of 0 best to 10 worst)-versus a "7" or more for other sunscreen sprays--- by the influential/kinda whistle-blowing Environmental Working Group-an organization dedicated to pointing out as it were-the dangers/threats to our health and environment. 


There's a handy to use and travel with-  MDSolarSciences™ Natural Mineral Screen Stick SPF 40 and a similar board spectrum UVA-UVB Protection SPF41 "KIDSTICK" version. (12g/.42 oz. $12.95). 

In the past, sunscreen sticks got the  nod- as we can easily apply-with gloves still on- on our lips and noses-when we're sitting on a chairlift going up a mountain to snowboard.  MDSolar Science's sunscreen sticks- are fragrance free- with active ingredients of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide---that gets the job done. We actually have one in our car's glove compartment---and ritualistically, apply to the backs of our hands before revving up the engine. Note-the packaging does say to avoid excessive heat---though we don't know if the products effectiveness lessens-or it just gets all melty and hard to apply.

While we tend to hate the feel of a mineral based sunscreen on our city face, generally speaking- when we are not continuously outdoors in the sun per se, but more in and out of buildings- we really like the Mineral Screen Tinted Gel ($23.95) UVA-UVB SPF 30+. Billed as non-comedogenic (won't clog pores-though a lot of products claim that and are not as there is no real standard for this...) non-greasy and good for acne/rosacea prone skin types...

Our take...its has a silky silicone-like texture-completely non-irritating-that disappeared, silky wise in a minute-a good thing as our foundation went on smoothly and we didn;t feel spackle-d out. We also figure that with a daily AM application-the tube will last around 6-8 weeks.

The tint- itself---a tanny beige...barely left any color coverage on our face. Also a good thing---as many skin tones can use this product---though not dark skin tones-who SHOULD USE BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREENS, year round-but opt for clear ones to avoid a chalky, gray tinge.

FYI: Mineral MDSolarScience products scored "2" on the aforementioned EFG scale.

Available online -on sites like Amazon-and in Doctor's offices/medi-spas and specialty retailers nationwide.