Thursday, November 8, 2012


Outdoor Retailer/SLC

words/images Judith Ecochard

Brands in common-PUR and BAFFIN showed a focused line of casual and performance footwear...for Spring 2013.

PUR is an eco-driven brand using natural crepe for outsoles, latex foam cushioning, and vegetable tanning for leathers.

New ---is the Hemp Collection---featuring footwear made of hemp and organic cotton...coupled with a soft all day comfortable footbed atop a natural crepe outsole.

Nice---the silhouettes are slimmer-more fashionable looking...imo.

A winner---BAFFIN introduced the PACKABLES bold patent shiny colors....for women. How smart is this???!!!
Lightweight, waterproof Packables...actually fit into the storage pouch, included. Men's, women's and kids whole sizes available

women's Packables

Men's Packables Waterproof Rainboots-matte finish
BAFFIN's Trails 2 Rapids series of shoes is "guaranteed to leak"---meaning drain out water via a metallic grid in the sole that doubles to keep the debris/rocks out.

Trails 2 Rapids-Amazon with a rugged outsole that works on the trails as well as grips on the wet surfaces, ventilated mesh upper, front and back drainage panels, ultra-light midsole cushions/protects. Men's and Women's available

Swamp Buggy-mid height---Trails 2 Rapids series-cage designs supports ankle turners

Paul Hubner -Baffin Owner and Chief Testing Officer