Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SHEENA TRIVEDI Spring-Summer 2013

Glass House, West 25th Street, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard
Sheen Triverdi
Sheena Trivedi -a young American designer from Pittsburgh and NYC---turned to sub-Asia for inspiration, specifically New Delhi- India -the birthplace of her mother, Anjana...

Staged in the beautiful Glass House space with knock-out  gorg...views all around, the cross-cultural mixed of sheer sari - like swaths of chiffon, detailed embroidery and hand beaded trims--- fused with edgy leather biker pieces (the use of leather  was very American...but hey-Sheena is a punk rocker, according to the Ramones)....added up to apparel that was all very original.

The well attended presentation was arranged in three themes---India Gate, Transition: Cycle Rickshaw...and...Into The Night" New York---this last group-comprising a lot of dance club worthy ensembles just right for Williamsburg or Bollywood.

Many tops and skirts---were of mixed leather/silk georgette-an interesting combo... and in general---we thought that Trivedi def has a distinct take on apparel.

the red silk dress on this model-with beaded trim -easily our fav---well done

black leather and silk georgette top/burgundy pants

Contemporary, sophisticated and ornate...we thought a lot of the total looks were for those like the designer herself-young, trendy urbanites...ready to be noticed. We actually could see the less complicated separates---having wide appeal.

blue/red/silver brocade with blue georgette dress over georgette pants

red sheepskin jacket with embroidery and yellow silk crepe skirt with brocade trim

The "New York" section had a lot of glam hoodies---for a posh take on the streetwear staple.
in the front-gold satin silk and clack and nude sheep leather hoodie with gold satin trim with black silk and georgette pants

the view...
Bonus---yummy bites from Devi