Friday, October 12, 2012

NEW TRENDS IN Skincare (IZLLA, SkinFare) + Cynthia Rowley/Tweezerman

New York Fashion Week GBK Suites+from Ashville NC

words/still images Judith Ecochard

Hard Candy---easy on the pocket book makes cleansers and wipes too

Fashion Weeks worldwide aren't all about the fashion...which price-wise is out of reach of most humans...but great hair/makeup (if any) and nails (neatly tended to) makes a simple tee, jeans, heels outfit look wearer-look fantastic...whereas even couture attire looks yech if the rest is a mess.

We always skip the curling the lashes part of our makeup routine...and leave our brows alone...(to the horror we are sure, of eyebrow specialists we encounter ha ha)...but we were a bit dazzled by what Tweezerman turned up with at the GBK Suites.

Pairing with fashion designers (naturally....) Tweezerman's Cynthia Rowley collection (tweezers with the perfect slant ---and nail file)---are smarty savvy chic-just like the NYC designer's clothes. Available at Sephora exclusively.

ProCurl Lash Curler---and loads of other beauty/grooming tools---all part of Tweezerman

Naturally based skincare products run the gamut from being authentically organic to green washing, as it were, with merely having a fancy concept.

Divine retro-chic packaging-made of 100% recycled fiber canister bodies-and recyclable of course
New skincare label IZLLA® is "holistically" inspired and has a lot of organic botanical/plant based ingredients without the typical 200-500 conventional chemicals that comprise the repetoire of many brands. No animal testing, EVER---and free of petroleum-by-products, fragrances,  synthetic chemicals and gluten.

Natural---including the truly natural skin care item-can still be irritating to sensitive skin---but we tried out three of the products and had no problem at all---even with the very faint scents-usually a turn-off for us.

The Fresh Sweet Carrot Facial Creme and Serum both have carrot juice as the numero uno ingredient---carrots being loaded with anti-oxidants---including Vitamin A. Other soothing goodies in the mix include aloe vera, also loaded with vitamins A. the Bs, C and E---and jojoba oil. In general, we could pronounce the names of most of the ingredients...always a good thing.

The creme was lightweight---we think good for normal-to dry skins. We tried under our eyes-always a sensitive area---and waited for the 'burn' we sometimes get from a lot of eye cremes...but did not in this case. Plus the Fresh Sweet Carrot Facial Creme absorbed quickly and left a dewy finish. The matching serum is also lightweight, went on evenly (one pump)...wasn't heavy feeling at all....and would work for most skin types. Our makeup easily went over it.

We aslo tried the Urban Elements Defense Facial Serum---a heavier serum than the aforementioned---good for dry skins. Its key ingredient is Green Tea -that's naturally packed with anti-aging properties and natural free radical fighters.

Other products available that we did not try include toners and cleansers...for all skin types.

SKINFARE is another small, home grown skin care company=== that uses the vitamin rich coconut and palm fruit oils as the basis of its product line- and beeswax as a natural bonder/stable-izer of oils.

We grabbed an image list of ingredients---for each of their products-listed below...that contain no petroleum products, parabens, sulfates or chemical anything---but made up of organic ingredients...!

We can vouch for the Topical Nourishment stick---a pic of which we took from backstage during NY Fashion Week---under the old packaging (both from 75% post-consumer materials and printed with water soluble ink...and recyclable of course!!!)

Handy---as it is a solid stick (unless it gets super hot)---this multi-tasker kept our lips from chapping---we used when we needed it over our lipstick and by itself....and also on our cuticles/hands---as a moisturizer. And when we went hiking/camping the next weekend as an antidote to all the glam...the stick was in our backpack too and used the same way. Non-irritting and scentless---this is a product line that's family friendly.

Given the unregulated reality of most ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products---and that the skin absorbs 90% of what's put on's important, we think, to trust the company that you spend your bucks on. So it's no wonder that retail outlets that consumers flock to for their ethical MO- like Whole Foods (one of the chains that carry SkinFare)---are booming and expanding their product mix to include items for everyday use-beyond food and beverages.