Saturday, October 6, 2012

LOST ART-Jordan Betten's Leather Couture+McGuire Limited Edition 'Thrones'

 McGuire Furniture Showroom Park Ave. NYC

Artistic creators collaborating with furniture and industrial design entities---have conjured up brilliantly...think Michael Graves -architect with Alessi and Target...

Kendra Reichenau, President of McGuire Furniture (left)-and  Jordan Betten (right)
One such (new) fusion is courtesy of McGuire furniture-a sixty years old, family run company known for its beautifully crafted, hand rendered furniture---and design collaborations with several noted artists...AND Jordan Betten, designer of leather apparel, guitar cases and other accessories with a rock and roll swagger---LOST ART.

We attended a festive evening at the NYC-Park Avenue showroom of McGuire and simply marveled at the hand made chairs ---consisting of exotic skins, and trims-like crystals-that Betten magically crafted into 'statement seating units.'
crystals, fringes ---
The hand constructed chairs...which obviously are available -in a very limited fashion (from $7000+)...were showcased under were several doodle-like whimsical  paintings ---and some Lost Art apparel---by Betten-that gave attendees a direct reference to the kind of craftsmanship that one can wear...and hang on a wall-as well as sit on.

Each chair took months-to make-all done by hand...

Probably not for households with cats that like to scratch the furniture...


Crocodile ----

F.Y.I. ---the meeting of the minds that yielded this effort was a result of Vanderbilt University-where Betten-an Economics grad (we were impressed)...and Kendra Reichenau's husband attended college. Two thumbs up for that alum network. 

IMHO: A glam and spacious furniture showroom is a natural spot for a cocktail soiree...
words/images Judith Ecochard