Sunday, October 28, 2012

Limited Shoes from Lacoste, Sebago, Andrew Marc, Etiqueta Negra, Holiday 2012

Midtown, NYC-Various showrooms

words/images Judith Ecochard (except courtesy Lacoste)

When Black Friday the song won't  be standing by the door---but out the door sporting some new kickers---gifted to oneself, of course---ready for the human stampede. After all, holiday shopping requires something to get in the mood, and why not start with -à la self.

What we liked with the following shoes we recently previewed (except the Lacoste-Dragon-hence the stock pics)... is the limited availability at attainable prices.

Reachable deals ---just about- allowing for a little bit of cash (maybe) ---for those others.

Truth be told, we are happy the good luck Year of the Rat (Chinese calendar) is over, ever since we had one appear trying to scramble its way out of our first floor located, porcelain throne. While the exterminator got us breathing normally at some point- when he assured us that it was very RARE that this creature, the size of a small rabbit...can up itself from the NYC sewers-and say adieu the same way, evading the less, we raise a glass in anticipation of the Year of the we've had it with rodents.

And so apparently has the French label Lacoste (actually-Lacoste Live) with  a collab with the stores New Project Center in Shanghai and Beijing-- and its founders, VJ Nic Li and Wilber Pan.
A sleek fusion of tradition via the iconic Broadwick trainer in a contemporary metallic leather scaled/ and croc textured upper...with dragon imagery, kinda cool looking dual branding in the heel and lace holder---and a double tooth tongue--- limited to 500 pairs in red, gold or silver-the traditional colors of luck and life. Available at NPC and online for $150 USA ( (International Stocklists@

Added plus-a dragons on the in-sock so you can wear sock less---also appears on the outsole and side profile envelope. 

Sebago is a heritage brand that we preview at the Outdoor Retailer Show (Spring 2013)...and besides its traditional docksiders and nouveau color waves and prints---the collection now includes Artisan limited editions-including a collab with a creative type-Mdot Booji-someone we never heard of---but clearly she' got some style.

Silhouettes including the fun camo loafer and kick hard if you want-hiker/boat mash-up/ lace-up boots...all on-board.

Available exclusively at Reed Space-151 Orchard Street/NYC... now online :, ( $115-$175).

ANDREW MARC has been making stellar outerwear for years...expanding into apparel, watches, denim and now---men's footwear.

Greenwich $198

rubber outsole with wooden heel inserts

Not technically a limited edition ---hyped that is a launch on a small scale---available online. Worth a look ---as the traditional men's styles-both rugged casual and more the chukka and Chelsea boots, oxfords and slip-ons are all well done- with contemporary finishes-like burnished heels/toes- stitchdown construction, leather midsoles, leather -cotton drill interior lining-and quality upper soft suede or semi-nubuck leather...all at great price points.

Dorchester Chukka $178

Hailing from the land of gauchos---Argentinian Etiqueta Negra...crafts custom made riding boots (for polo-or no) and 'regular' shoes for those in this hemisphere (at the SOHO/NYC shop at 273 Lafayette Street).

$4000---custom made -for men
 Sophisticated elegance...comes to we racked through a rack of crisp cotton polos, hoodies, v-neck merino wool sweaters and long sleeve button-downs--- at the showroom of their USA PR firm. A line we look forward to learning more about.