Monday, October 1, 2012


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Lincoln Center, NYC

words/backstage images Judith Ecochard

Fashion industry veteran Joanna Mastroianni had her collection's runway debut at Lincoln Center---showing glamorously festive frocks and evening wear---in exceptionally colorful prints inspired by her garden, in shimmery black dramatic cocktail dresses, and in bold tones for red carpet worthy gowns stylists everywhere should be clamoring for.
Joanna Mastroianni

Cruz' very neat makeup bag

An American with European sensibilities---as read from her website, we think Mastroianni could just as easily shown her clothes in Europe...the construction of the apparel and quality of fabrics wew what we associate with the most skilled craftsmen from ateliers across the POND.

So fitting, the designer worked with industry veteran Edward Triomi (of Warren Tricomi salons-the Plaza Hotel locale where we got our best haircut ever...note to self, go back)... for the retro elegant hair styles--- and new to NY Fashion Week but professionally acclaimed, Kryolan cosmetics for a vintage flavored- yet bold modern visage. It was a very calm backstage, fyi.
most clutter free makeup table backstage we saw all season

Dominic Cruz for Kryolan using a foundation brush 
Dominic Cruz and his team used Kryolan's Ultra Under Base primer and Dermacolor Camouflage Cream as prep for a flawless face...'painting' on with a foundation brush---a makeup tool many regular gals do not use....but greatly aids even application, imho.


soft taupe contoured the faces-subtle here
Cruz used a fan like brush to apply a soft beige-y taupe that gave shape to models' cheekbones---but the focus was clearly on the very bold eyes---lined in black shadow ("not as harsh" Cruz noted)--- all the way around-popped with eye shadow colors---using Eye Shadow in AB25 (sunny yellow) from the inner eye- out just passed the middle--- and RB40 (a powerful magenta) in old stroke from the middle of the eye-out.

palette assures a perfect match for camouflage skin and the back shadow lined the eyes

powder to gently accentuate...punctuate this look was more 60's not 80's

false eyelashes spidery length, think Twiggy not Liza Minelli
PLUS---false eyelashes on the upper ( F3)  and lower (U1)...from mid eye to the outer corner. Yup--this is why they hire the pro's...
more Kryolan palettes...LOVE

Lips balanced the eyes...lined first with Lip Pencil #910 and filled in-using a lip brush-with Dermacolor Light Lip Rouge,

Dermacolor Light Lip Rouge-first swiped on a palette stick...then applied with a lip brush

Shiny High Gloss Lip Shine in Fairy...over the entire top of the lip and in the middle bottom.

Powder finished the look...

longer length underlashes at the outer corners of the lower lashes

shadow palette

Edward Tricomi
Hair styles were sophisticated and with a 60's feel too...with three different 'dos...depending on the model and what she was wearing.

hair twisted into around -as a ponytail holder

Attached hair extension...with model's hair smoothed into a sleek high pony tail...with a piece twisted around as a ponytail holder...

..then the long ponytail was twisted and rolled into a dramatic side topknot/bun shaped---pinned into place.

hair products used---Warren Tricomi

height and smoothness...

glam twisted version of a bun---pulled off the face, sleek and smooth

several models had this side twisted updo

Extensions---got teased for added volume...then smoothed. Lot of work---deceptively so.

This model's hair was wrapped into a top knot right at the middle---

pinned into place

ready for the runway-hair/makeup DONE
Edward Tricomi reviews his team's work....

A short swingy wig---this model had her own gorgeous hair---fyi---tucked into a net...

sleek bob...with geometric shape---reminded us of Vidal Sassoon's signature style

Shorter hairstyles---got all Palm Beach retro via setting hair on big rollers and teased for volume---then smoothed out/styled into a bouffant shape...pinned underneath so as to precisely show off the dresses's neckline...very retro.

teased for volume and shape

height at the crown

pinned underneath

Nails by Julie G nail polish by Jesse's Girl were two-fold-Shimmer Island painted over Metallic Heels for rich sparkle.

Julie G Nail polish in Metallic Heels (gold) and Shimmer Island (green)-available now at Rite Aid

nails with Metallic Heels

layered nails with Shimmer Island over Metallic Heels