Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BICYCLE BEST's-New Bike Wear, Lights, Bags


words/images Judith Ecochard


Brixton Tote

Bicycles are a time honored way of commuting...around the world, and here in the USA, a growing way of getting to work.

Eton Leather Satchel-shoulder straps can be used backpack style

Barbican Leather Shoulder Bag-w/adjustable shoulder strap
How nice then, that an Italian cycling conglomerate owned Brook England Ltd. --- a refreshed heritage brand with  a collection of masterfully crafted panniers and cycle luggage, messenger bags, saddles and launching here.

Piccadilly Leather Knapsack-middle and Challenge Saddle tool  bag (l)  D-Shaped  Saddle Bag (r)

this poncho fits right underneath the saddle...

Victoria Saddle

rain proof poncho

Pickwick Backpack made of water resistant canvas, leather trim, roll-top w/ Brixton  Tote

Another brand launching here hails from Japan...PEdALED-founded in 2007 by Japanese fashion designer Hideto Suzuki, FYI: The poetic expression “pedal earth diving” is the acronym of “PEdALED”.

weather resistant, reinforced shoulders for packs,  with great front angled, easy access pockets -ergonomic sleeves, longer back

cuffs role up
The clothing we saw is in theory-is inspired by cycling---and are obviously -commuter friendly....with reflective details, ventilation features, and made of breathable natural fabrics---hemp, linen and organic cotton.

Eurobike Gold Award 2012 Urban Jacket-made from special waterproof, breathable cotton. Ergonomic sleeves, smartphone pocket, earphone wire guides, reinforced shoulders, pockets double as air vents

back pockets, adjustable hood and hem via elastic
reflective cords, storm flap-rip open, quick release

RE VEST mixed textiles-wool plaid keeps core warm-made from recycled military stock----angled front pockets for easy access, two access back pocket-the width of the back-like a hunter's vest---though the tag states otherwise 

vest-reflective details

Japanese denim...l/s shirt-shaped for riders...nice enough for going out on the town

lether covered buttons

sure beats using rubber bands---leather straps keep pants out of pedals

Bookman is a Swedish company that makes easy to place on bike lights ---in fashionable colors...using a simple design-a rectangular shape with a curved underside for a snug fit on the front handle bar and rear saddle pole, an oversized rubber button for on/off...and a groove for attaching the elastic band. With three light options, slow/fast flashing, and steady light---the front light is white---the tail light is red.  Water resistant-replaceable batteries.NICE.

If you want to be really visible---from a distance, or say, outer space-the BIKE GLOW is a relatively light weight. WATERPROOF-battery operated light wire, secured with wire coils (included) that easily wraps around a bike's frame.

unscrew the nails---2 AA batteries go in here. A little screw driver is included in the kit. tape under bike saddle. Tape and a velcro strap, included.

even Luddites will get these instructions-EASY

Three light options-slow/fast flashing and steady...and in eight colors available for brightness that cannot be missed by those with their eyes open. MSRP $24.95

We tried it on our triathlon race bike ---and honestly we are loathe to add any weight on it...and found the Bike Glow-unobtrusive.

Better though---for commuter bicycles...especially in areas where it gets dark early. Or to wrap around our backpack when we go hiking during hunting season---when we don't want to be mistaken for Bambi.