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Lilypond/ Olivia + Joy Spring 2013 Leather -Free Carry-Alls With Big Style+Practicality

Outdoor Retailer/SLC + Midtown/NYC

Leather free haulers ---practical, durable and blessed with style---are a chic alternative to animal skin carry-alls. We recently previewed the Spring 2013 collections of two brands that we've favored for a few seasons, Lilypond and Olivia + Joy...both at very accessible prices. The hip factor of going vegan/eco is catching on---Stella McCartney has always had a cruelty free brand of accessories,  and now-the luxury Italian label Bottega Veneta---offers up a stunning satchel made from Japanese Washi paper.

Bravo to the consumer demand for leather alternatives even grabs the eyeballs of that leather goods stalwart. Both selections are incredibly expensive though; we are sure there's a reason why- beyond a pricey marketing budget.

Lilypond's bags, totes, and accessories are largely made with recycled PET---aka a recycled fabric named CYCLEPOND™-on the exterior and interior.


OUR FAV GYM BAG EVER---SUNDOWN ($99)...for Spring 2013 i…

BICYCLE BEST's-New Bike Wear, Lights, Bags


words/images Judith Ecochard


Bicycles are a time honored way of commuting...around the world, and here in the USA, a growing way of getting to work.

How nice then, that an Italian cycling conglomerate owned Brook England Ltd. --- a refreshed heritage brand with  a collection of masterfully crafted panniers and cycle luggage, messenger bags, saddles and launching here.

Another brand launching here hails from Japan...PEdALED-founded in 2007 by Japanese fashion designer Hideto Suzuki, FYI: The poetic expression “pedal earth diving” is the acronym of “PEdALED”.

The clothing we saw is in theory-is inspired by cycling---and are obviously -commuter friendly....with reflective details, ventilation features, and made of breathable natural fabrics---hemp, linen and organic cotton.

SHERPA ADVENTURE GEAR Performance/Lifestyle Apparel Spring 2013 a technical/lifestyle brand inspired by the Himalayas and the athletes who frequent it.

Sherpa owned and run...the company's performance garments ---will work for jaunts to higher peaks, runs/hikes through the parks, .as well as day trips in urban settings. Performance fabrics---and meticulous construction---are hallmarks...and almost all items made in three factories in Nepal.


Nice details like the multi-color zip tags like the fluttering Prayer Flags...and the Mandala print as a kind of logo...super flattering cuts on female apparel...and overall lifestyle pieces that are ideal for travel...easy care, sun protection woven in, and pockets-including hidden ones...for valuables. Durable too-these pieces will last a backpack trip around the world.