Thursday, August 9, 2012

Markus Lupfer Resort 2012's "The Puzzle of the Mysterious Mind"

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Fast gaining worldwide acclaim (deserved, imo)...the German fashion designer Markus Lupfer, aka-"the master of the rope and jerseys" teamed up with pal filmmaker Tabitha Denholm---for a quirky retro sixties flavored fun one way to show off his resort collection for 2012.

The mockumentary, inspired by a BBC's doc on how to change one's mind and body (so 60's!!!!) ---
"The Puzzle of the Mysterious Mind " is set in the laboratory of Dr Lupfer, played by actress Margo Stilley. 

All star cast members include...a technician (Gary Card) and subjects played by Sadie Frost... 

...Florence Welch, lead singer of the cult band, Florence and The Machine ' and Jan de Villeneuve.

The whole movie you can view the following link: 

AND---has been uploaded on YouTube:

J. Ecochard