Saturday, July 14, 2012


In an homage to Marie Antoinette-Votre Vu Potrait Collar Restorative Neck Crème ---marine collagen/elastin laden - was given out to guillotine-free guests

Bastille Day arrivé----ed a tad early the other a jam packed and very festive Thursday evening soirée, hosted by by beauty entrepreneur, Votre Vu CEO Harold Zimmerman (enabled/aided by Fournier Communications who throw the swankest launches in town, imho)...

An ideal setting, THE BAKEHOUSE bistro in the waaayyyy West Village (Horatio/West Streets)- endless glasses of Rosé, a cocktail made with vodka and beauty beverage Snapdragon- and bubbly flowing, flawless summery weather---and a new makeup collection...YES--- a gal's version of a great night out.

In the West Village, of course-where hairdo's as such don't even merit a second glance. LOL

Dubbed French Accents, these treatment makeup products, eight in all, come in colors for all skin tones, are smartly packaged, and A BIG PLUS: for every item sold, Votre Vu will donate a dollar  to support Pediatric Cancer Research through a partnership with St. Baldricks and  46 Mammas Shave For the Brave. AKA  COLOR IT FORWARD!

The French Accents collection (Lingerie Pour Les Yeux-anti aging eyelid smoother, Arch De Triomphe-daily eyebrow definer, Love Me Deux-tinted moisturizer with a separate concealer in cap -destined to be a best seller-in 6 shades, Eiffel Power-lengthening & fortifying mascara, Le Joli Crayon-smudge & set soft liner in aubergine or charbon-two must have colors, Vu-On Rouge- a multi-tasking sheer moisture color accent for lips and face, Beauté En Bronze-tantalizing bronze duo compact and a refill set, Belle Poudre-HD Sheer Face Finish, and well made tools-Powder Brush-with a retractable brush/protective cap for a girl-on-the go coverage...and Brow Brush & Sharpener-an angled brush and grooming spooley).... 

Belle Poudre

Love Me Deux-Nourishing moisture tint with concealer in cap-left, Votre Vu toner for all skin types, and Powder Brush-right

...not only emphasizes a gal's own natural beauty---each product is loaded with soothing, anti-aging if we needed another excellent reason to get on our glammy side.
Lingerie Pour Les Yeux-anti-oxidant rich eyelid prep in light and medium---helps get rid of fine lines  keeps powder shadows from getting cake creepy as the hours past

Harold Zimmerman---one happy CEO

Very French, no?---

yes, people knew how to play this

Christian Louboutin Sandals

we forgot who these are by---a scandinavian designer...fabulous