Friday, July 27, 2012

The Wedding Salon NYC @ Capitale July 23rd, 2012

Taj Tents-transporting tents worthy of some exotic locale
CAPITALE, 130 Bowery, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

It always amazes us that when we leave a Wedding Salon tradeshow event-there's a queue out the door, populated by brides-to-be (mostly)...waiting to get checked in.

The latest Big Apple edition took place off the bustling Canal Street and restaurant/lighting equipment stores on the LES side ---inside the glorious Standford White designed Beaux Arts structure, Capitale---a stand out building anywhere.

This is how you get a crowd-pass out yummy samples of wedding cake-Palermo Bakery 

we were told by the gal in the white jacket that there's a 2-3 months lead time for wedding cake orders...we couldn't believe it.

sponsor Hpnotiq liquor

Packed ---even when we got there at 4:30PM...the venue had a crowd---they was buzzing...and genuinely checking out the table settings and other exhibitors...not just casually strolling through.
Kleinfeld had princess-y Cinderella and more sophisticated gowns scattered pretty!
Our obsession-the press on, idiot proof nails by KISS®

AND---the most popular style of false eyelashes...easy to apply with that string.

Capitale ---jammed with attendees-like a fab cocktail party.

stunning-this centerpiece by A French Tulip

tropical paradise-Mimosa Floral Design Studio

Feminine table---The Artful Event

We are always impressed with the table designs---even if not our personal taste---all are stunning.

Diana floral and event decor.

destination weddings are popular...though we have a pal on her 9th this year alone...and is like enough already.

alooonggg line for the fun podpix-photobooth  for the 21st century

it's not just all cash----Blooomingdales Registery

Lavish invitation, memory books, thank-you notes...guest books---ECR Designs, Inc amazed with what they can they have a .org web address 

even in the din-we could hear...Élan Artists