Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Makeup Professionals Secret to Long Lasting Maquillage

A should be BIG APPLE tourist destination for makeup junkies, ALCONE on the westside-is a carefully curated emporium of small -often unheard of---cosmetic brands. It was at this store's exhibitor space at The Makeup Show-that we made the acquaintance of Skindinävia ---a vaguely sounding Scandic named, American company...that offers an assortment of makeup finishing sprays for all different skin types.

The need for long lasting makeup in professional circumstances is obvious---movie and television shoots can clock in at 16 hours looonnnnggg...and with HD cameras revealing a lot more than usual...an undetected finish is necessary.

For non-pros, the no need to touch-up one's makeup ---whether at work or on a wedding day (except maybe lip gloss)-just makes life easier.

And a light spritz of mineral water from a can-though refreshing, just doesn't cut it.

Skindinävia offers three easy to use sprays, simply packaged in plastic pump spray bottles, all hypoallergenic and paraben free formulas...that got a road test for durability these past few weeks.

"The Original Makeup Saver®" Makeup Finishing Spray" uses the company's patented Temperatre Control Technology®---(all formulas do, fyi)-translated means that it feels like it cools off skin by a few degrees after application...a quick fine mist spritz or two from the bottle-held a few inches away from the face.

Given the heat and humidity...there probably isn't more suitable weather to test this product out...using our fav foundations, Clé de Peau or Yves St. Laurent---and Napoleon Perdis mineral powder-all offering great coverage---but are not super duper long lasting in these insanely warm conditions.

Verdict-we def felt like our maquillage stayed melt down free for hours more than usual---and stayed true to color longer, with no-need for a touch-up-via two refreshing sprays of the Makeup Finishing Spray  ---demo-ed on a hot day/night ---where we found ourselves in and out of a/c -ed spaces, getting around town --- walking on heated up city sidewalks.

This version---good for combo skins-that are oily in the t-zone, dry or normal everywhere else...

BIG PLUS:-) we didn't feel like we had another layer of something on our face, either...or had any adverse reactions whatsoever-a bigger plus, given our sensitive skin.

In the summer though, the No More Shine Makeup Finish-oily skin formula...is getting the daily use- over our typical sunscreen first, then foundation routine, without any finishing powder---for a shine free finish that maintains the matte look we prefer.

Theoretically, this Skindinävia formulation can help makeup last 16 hours---we only tried it ---maybe up to 10 hours ourselves...and given the heat, we felt we needed to blot away a lot less than usual...and are astonished when we get a mirror glance- that where we put our makeup on, is still relevant...not slip-slide-y around. And our eye shadow powder ---was creaseless and crepe-y free.

And again, 'it' feels like nothing on the face.

There's also a Moisture Lock Makeup Finish® dry skin formula---that's for those individuals with just that, dry skin...with fine lines and wrinkles---that seem to attract foundation/concealer -not in a good way-like moths to a flame.

We gave our sample to a gal pal...who sprays it on as a primer, after putting on her moisturizer/sunscreen combo. For her exceedingly dry skin---it felt great on her somewhat bare face...and with a few dabs of a concealer here and there...she was good to go.

MSRP: $29 for 4oz/$39 for 8oz...we feel one 4oz bottle would last for months, depending how many mist sprays one uses/day.