Friday, July 13, 2012




One of the HARDEST WORKING make-up brands out there-IT COSMETICS™ by Jamie Kern-a collection that doubles as benefit boosting skin care,  (READ OUR REVIEW) having another special on the heavily vetted, QVC...

At an impressively manageable price of  $59.94, shoppers get a 5 product color collection of IT Cosmetic™-  which includes:

... a NEW Vitality Anti-Aging Brightening Disc with three new shades including a Blush Stain, Drops of Light Luminizer and Matte Bronzer, 

...a Supersize Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer/Foundation (1oz), 

...a Vitality Lip Flush in Je Ne Sais Quoi Shade (the #1 selling shade!), 

...a Dual Airbrush Concealer/Foundation Brush

... and the Jumbo Mega Luxe Powder Brush

Amazing yes-when one considers that the Jumbo Mega Powder Brush sells every day for $58 and for $1 more one can get ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED 5 pieces...( TSV ).


This TSV has an Auto-Delivery component---of the 5 piece set with different Lip Flush color ---so check out the site for the fine print--- QVC Item# is A228720 (use to order now) or for live viewers-  JULY 27th, 2012 the QVC Item# will be: #A228718.

We aren't big tv watchers---yes, there are a few left on the planet---but even we know that QVC carefully reviews anything sold on air...

We are massive fans of the waterproof Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer/Foundation which double as a spot cover-up for us..and can be use as an all-over foundation. Scentless too---it's healing properties make it okay to use by those with really sensitive skin---or for those that need an even tone without being obvious. A compliment? HD television friendly, for sure. 

A little goes a loooonnnnggggg---and it's creamy/liquid-y texture is easy to apply (pat on with pinky finger) ---and blend...without sinking into fine lines-because it's hydrating too (not greasy, though). 

Originally developed in cahoots with a plastic surgeon to conceal facial bruising and speed up repairing on post-op patients...the Bye Bye Under-Eye Concealer benefits every day users via youthful enhancer hydrolyzed collagen and free radical busters Vitamins A, C, E and K (bruise healer)---along with the terrific coverage, the most important thing for us. FYI: available in 4 shades light, neutral mediumtan and deep.

We tried out the new Vitality Anti-Aging Brightening Face Disc-that's a huge compact packaged threesome-with weather resistant Matte Bronzer---great as contouring powder, Illuminizing Radiance Powder with Drops of Light™ Reflecting pigments (we use as a highlighter-but can work as an all around brightener),  and a peachy pink blush tint that would probably work on many skin tones,

The three in one Face Disc---is also loaded with treatment ingredients----like peptides, green and white tea, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Silk and Hydrolized Collagen...though remember to always wear sunscreen. 

We like how we can replace 3 products that we haul around in our everyday tote-with this one. And the staying power of the matte bronzer is exceptional-a big plus in heated, humid, yuch weather...

We also tried out the 4 in 1 Lipstick Stain in Je Ne Sais Quoi---a light pink that is close to a natural looking lip tone for us---but on naturally darker lips---would be a nice pop of color. A true multi-tasker---it's long lasting, is as moisturizing as a balm (no chapped lips)---and has a shimmery glossy finish without our hair sticking to it. Always a plus.

The brushes are VERY high quality, well made, densely packed ---survives cleaning without any loose bristles...and are perfectly shaped for their tasks---AND like the make-up line-are all animal free, cruelty free, etc...they really should last for years. 

BTW---packaging reminds us of MAC ---which sells for a whole lot more.