Monday, July 2, 2012


Lambs Club, W. 44th ST, NYC

Media Preview-words/images Judith Ecochard


Watches are superfluous in some ways-with everyone tethered to their smartphones/tablets/electronic devices...

The timepieces are either really miniature computers...or function superbly, imo---as fashion accessories that are as portent to any other item needed to complete an ensemble--- as important as pair of shoes, a belt, or jewelry. 

GLAM ROCK watches..based in Miami but designed with Italian flair- and made with reliable Swiss watch movements...are trend-on lifestyle, 'affordable luxury' collectibles that got that need for more than presenting the actual time---from the get go- with its So Be and So Be Lady's collection of interchangeable cases via the patented 'Just Click' technology. (Review)

 New to the market---are the incredibly stylish Miami Beach Art Deco series of watches...with bold colored faces,  vintage-y sized cases in various shapes, stylized dial numbers that often reminded us of Dali's paintings...

 ...paired with embossed leather (croc), mesh metal, dazzling beads, silicone and hefty chain link-in rose gold, gold and silver- wristbands...that are more modern and sleek than the recent love of all things chunky and heavy.

expandable metal 

nice contrast stitching on leather
There are literally dozens of options for men and women-priced from $175-$245...that chicly capture the glamor of the high-end Miami Beach lifestyle....that might start with a day on the beach and end at to night out in a club...and everything in between.
So Be watch---with 3 cases change up the look

combo of pretty palette for watch faces ---with metallic bands-outfit friendly.

silver mesh-

delicate round watch face is  very 1920'30s-a look that fashion will emulate with the release of The Great Gatsby movie this Fall

pretty delicate beads that stretch

oversized dials are a signature feature of Glam Rock watches

white silicone bands look terrific and are a four seasons option---with different colored faces.

 We like the ads too---very elegant and modern...


nice packaging