Friday, July 27, 2012

Aesthetic Plastic Surgry/Anti-Aging Medicine: The Next Generation Media Breakfast

Renaissance Times Sq. Hotel/NYC

A panel of leading physicians---

Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D., F.A.C.S., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Cheryl M. Burgess, M.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist, and Christine Hamori, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon-

...presented some very interesting info on key trends and clinical research developments on the latest in anti-aging medicine, non-invasive technologies (meaning not much in terms of down time, if any)- and aesthetic surgery---to a packed room of mostly journalists.

The 90 minute meet preceded the annual Aesthertic Plastic Surgry/Anti-Aging Medicine: The Next Generation Conference- that this year- took place in downtown Manhattan.

Moderated by Wendy Lewis...the breakfast started off with Dr. Lorenc discussing how "just the concept of (plastic) surgery' is  "old fashion" and an integrated approach of pre and post op treatments (like Hydrafacials ) and modalities (nd:YAG laser/Genesis by Cutera, Limelight IPL and radio frequency based skin tightener Pellevé----to treat pore size, hyper pigmentation, fine lines)---all combined--- offer the most optimal results for the preparation for a "surgical insult."

AND def NOT smoking!

Loranc also discussed how important it was to address the loss of volume in one's face as one ages---something that is not 'corrected' in a facelift procedure-but can be restored via (temporary) filler agents like Scupltra, Radiesse,  or fat transfers---citing the three most popular.

Other newish FDA fillers that smoothly fill in the delicate teardrop area of eye sockets include the FDA approved (both) hylauronic acid based Preville Silk® and Belotero®.

The so called Facelift by Syringe is a popular do-it-in-a-day (or a few days, spaced out) approach with little or no downtime and side effects- other than temporary bruising perhaps...though it's not permanent.

Dr. Lorenc himself customizes his Facelift by Syringe approach ---and uses different formulations/dilutions of many different fillers and frown freezers (our term) like Botox and Xeomin depending on what's best for each individual patient and what the patient wants. Not a cookie cutter approach.

AND THAT'S WHY---one should never let just any one inject anything in one's face- without a thorough vetting process of who's wielding the syringe. No doubt, all practitioners on this particular panel have done their share of correcting/minimizing mistakes inflicted on patients who maybe, should have done their homework, better.

Dr. Cheryl Burgess hails from Washington DC and is often quoted in magazines and televisions---for her expertise and patented techniques on "soft tissue enhancement and injectable fillers and neuromodulators injection techniques"...and for the fact that as an accomplished Afro-American ---she gets (experiences) all skin types.

Her talk focused on facial rejuvenation in skin of color--- and she used the glam Halle Berry as an example of an inverted triangle shaped face-of a youthful looking gal....with the focus on the mid-face and eyes.

As one ages, Burgess pointed can get skin tags, sagging/lax skin, loss of volume/sinking cheeks/thinner lips, photo damage etc---that changes the shape and focus of one's face.

In fact, skin laxity is the number one concern of women of color---and Burgess herself show a series of slides of HERSELF---before and after a series of skin tightening treatments with Pellevé. (Read our review).

Other lasers/modalities were cited as helpful in slowing down the aging process (Fraxel, for one)---with a procedure-or series of treatments- done every 18 months are so--- suggested as a non-invasive way to forestall the march of time, aesthetically speaking...from the neck up.

The event concluded with conference sponsor Ellman International Inc.'s CEO, Frank D'Amelio...announcing the acquisition of Sandstone Medical Technologies "affordable laser portfolio" of four multi-functional products (Cortex-a CO2 and Erbium YAG laser, Tri-Lase Q-Switched NdYAG & Erbium YAG laser for tattoo removal/superficial skin rejuvenation, APX IPL & Erbium YAG laser for hair reduction, acne, vascular and pigmented lesions, and Cheveux Diode Laser for permanent hair reduction).

Why we as consumers would even care- is that- as we joke, everybody has a mortgage to pay off...and with affordable laser treatments available, trusted practitioners can actually better afford to offer their patients a soups to nuts assortment of hopefully better prices...not having to send them off to other establishments for treatments desired.

FYI: The aforementioned Pellevé is part of Ellman International's product offerings.

Thesession ended with a list of trends and popular procedures-non-surgical-for neck down- in the aesthetic realm of things-including tattoo removals, non-invasive contouring using ultra-sound technology that sculpts the body and melts the fat, cellulite treatments and hair removal.