Monday, June 11, 2012

CC CORSO COMO®-On Trend Brazilian Women's Footwear - Fall 2012

1370 Sixth Avenue, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

"Well," we thought to ourselves---he he...there is a reason many high priced, luxury footwear brands are moving their production from such European stalwarts as Italy and Spain---to the World Cup destination ---Brazil.

flats...with upper detais

BECAUSE 'they' know what they're doing!!!
these are classics...stacked heel pull on ankle boots with buckle detail

wedges on pull-on booties-feminine twist to classic menswear look

Brazil's CC Corso Como®---is fast becoming a household name-at least to stylish gals wanting well made peds at terrific prices. And complete with upscale crafty details and trims---and breathable soft leather insoles that set the label apart from other contemporary footwear brands.

equestrian style boots with quilted leather uppers...

leather soles-something we see on pricier names-add flexibility

 At the recent media preview-Corso Como delivered on every on trend want it----shoes and boots...

pretty pumps

Pumps with twisted leather uppers, high heels and ballet flats with flair in animal/snake prints and a rainbow's worth of colors, kitten heel slide ons, chunky wooden heels, quilted leather knee high boots...

wear these forever...

What these pics don't render is the tactile art that is important when deciding what to wear---the quality of the materials are high---and the quality of construction is evident too.

love these sparkling pumps-lowish heels in a surprising pop of shine-very wardrobe friendly, imo

cute- a kitten heel adds elegance to this profile-slightly pointy toe-modern
 The ability to oversee production, Corso Como clearly benefits...and other similarly priced labels---who make their kickers in far flung overseas factories-can't compare. Sorry-we really think there is something to hands on manufacturing!

solid square heels-work with trousers/skirts and are viable alternatives to thin high heels-for work...a bit of a throwback to the fifties...
ballet flats-are not boring in a mix of materials...

height and stability-chunky wood heels

cozy warm

...of course Corso Como has flip flops!!!! They are from Brazil, after all.

nice-travel friendly in pretty prints and leathers...matchy match worthy!!!!

actually durable outsoles---unlike some popular brands that practically fall apart after a week's wear