Friday, June 15, 2012

AGNÈS B. FALL 2012 Apparel/Accessories/Footwear

Musique Plastique-currently on display till August 25th, 2012

agnes b. gallerie, 50 Howard Street
carry-alls available now

words/images Judith Ecochard

Yes, it still continues to be true that the French have their own chic style above and beyond an instinctual knack to tie scarves just so....

And that is a good thing because individual savor faire-when it comes to attire---is fusing into one big universal look that's not particularly interesting, thanks to the exposure to all via the web, maybe- and ---unfortunately, counterfeit goods, imo.

whimsical detail of, well- a cartoon take on a a sailor on shore leave---in the French colors, with a bottle of wine
Recently, we had good excuses to venture downtown, just off Canal Street preview the French label agnès b. Fall 2012 offerings  and take in the latest art exhibition at this boutique/gallery space on Howard Street.

Curiously enough ha ha- we were called hither by humans who seemingly emerge from the shadows... to buy "Heeerrrmmmmeesss"  JUST like some sailor on shore leave, trolling Canal streets everywhere for -whatever...

BACKGROUND---a full fledged worldwide beloved lifestyle collection, Agnès b, is the handiwork of leading light, Agnès Troublé---who founded the label - first beginning as a boutique in Paris (1975)---and gradually blossomed to include art galleries/bookshops, a film company, radio station, cosmetics ...and a clothing/accessories brand for mini me's, men and women ...PLUS many charitable endeavors-including TARA OCEANS
haulers-with computer rendered, graphic designs-based on photographs by the designer
carry on travel pieces---or everyday roomy bags for NYers-or any persons- who haul their lives around
travel bags--with adjustable straps, outer zipped pockets

beach chic-Sac Playa $295 hand woven from Manila Hemp, cotton lining, abaca handles...

Spring 2012 selections also seen-available now--including this  beautiful feminine dress that is a rose bouquet other colorful separates in silk and linen

painterly silks-made in France- smooth knit tunic availalble now

lambskin leather skirt

Paris la nuit-tee shirt in silk
this silk satin skirt is based on a print ©Franco Brambilla "teach me how to flight"

Fall highlights for women include chic takes on classic silhouettes that are flattering---with materials saturated in colors via photos by Agnés B ( a more sophisticated means of tonal interest than color blocking that's now the trend) neutral staples.
silk tulle wedding gown---tea length 

black cotton and cashmere small cardigan over a black muslin silk ballon sleeve round collar shirt

golden zip black crepe jersey overalls-polished take on a laborers uniform

violet satin dress-layer under a little black cardigan for day wear, dress up with jewels and strappy sandals for day to night wear

snake skin print dress-with rounded shoulders-fitted bodice

mock neck black red white print knit under a comfy black milano wool cape

black stripe wool and viscose jacket (a matching gently gathered matching skirt also available) with a grey silk and cotton printed follow tie shirt

beige sleeveless zip sheepskin over a printed satin silk shirt (matching skirt also available)

red suede cardigan-beautiful silk lining-to wear sleeve cuffs turned up

a keeper-le "fifre" sheepskin jacket-bomber style

grey sleeveless sheepskin jacket-over delicately printed muslin silk shirt/skirt

denim chic-with a leather collar-wear with dresses, or jeans
 Fleurs au flash-print based on an Agnès B. photo-on a straight skirt

this silky print parka is reversible-to an African print
red stripe pops on a warm boiled wool zip coat with ribbed collar and pocket details

un manège à Honfleur-silk skirt-with print based on an Agnès B. photo

Égout en Italie-skirt 
several skirts with prints based on Agnès B. photos...

Marchand de glace à Hourtain skirt
Surprises are welcome---silk linings...

this is from a photo from the Standard Hotel in NYC

photo printed raincoat

we say-wear both sides

browse worthy art books...

red and black wool tweed coat-that hits mid thigh

mustard wool trench coat
Typical Agnès b. men take a few more sartorial chances with color and cut than typical American dudes-but there was plenty in the Fall 2012 collection pour les hommes- that 'regular' guys would love...including well cut/ tailored blazers, heavy (!!!) winter proof coats, fitted L/S button downs...and slim suits...with french cuffed trousers that actually hit shoes the way men's pants should-like a Gallic shrug-versus that shrunken school boy look we hate.
a classic-brown wool check jacket-lined, with all the inner pockets a guy needs

over a grey roll neck viscose sweater

a leather aviator bomber jacket with brilliant ikat lining

yes, the Union Jack flag is in the lining of a coat sold under the auspices of a French label. Progress.
WE LOVE-the AGNÈS B. love of this British made, Gloverall Monty heavyweight, wool blend duffel coat  ---that can do double duty as weight lifting dumbells.
rope and horn toggle fastenings
This keeper hails from a Brit design-a heritage tradition---of a vintage style kept WWII soldiers warm..that clearly is as contemporary worthy as any other coat we have seen.
sturdy brass rivets...perfectly made 

in navy also-around $700

black mérionos duffle coat with cotton African prints
beige shearling zipped sleeveless jacket-light grey flannel shirt

wool sailor navy stripe sweater buttons at one shoulder...under waistcoat

Say bonjour to true sailor sweaters, by Royal Mer Britagne ---founded just after WWII by an enterprising/practical Mrs. Soulard in France-a woman with a flair for knitting...and the means to obtain wool during scarce times.
navy blue long zipped shearling coat-hits mid thigh

green wool felt "fifre" jacket...reminds us  of a bellhop's uniform

grain leather jacket-buttons...
sleeve detail

denim-of course-it came from the French, after all

this men's  jacket---wow---very limited-it sold out by the time we returned for the art exhibit-graffiti artists have always been embraced by the designer

Footwear----some available now....
rubber rain boots-limited edition Boots Anna $225 

Ballerina Lila -with a nice square heel $265

wool -brief case---

A revisit last night-for the Musique Plastique art exhibit----

cannot get more French then this ensemble!!!!

Robe Claretta-sweet-layer for cooler temps $325

packed house!

glorious Vive Afrique printed separates

The opening reception of Musique Plastique-an interactive exhibition -first shown in Paris----that explores the relationship/inspiration of visual art and music... was packed with some very cool looking types.

Featured artists/musicians include Thurston Moore (below pics), singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston, Swedish electronic artist Tobias Bernstrup and French pop musician Eitienne Charry.

BIG FREE BONUS: A download of compilation of music from the show: