Thursday, May 24, 2012

THE MAKEUP SHOW NYC 2012/Preview+Tradeshow

Metropolitan Pavilion, West 18th ST. NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

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And so continued our perfect day...

... a preview of the must attend for pro makeup artists established and launching...the annual The Makeup Show.

yeah, right---!!!!!

Hosted by James Vincent, a talented, in-demand by seemingly everyone---professional make-up artist and very witty/smart guy...the Bloggers Preview included his fast paced overview of the show: the how-to seminars, workshops-the hands -on type, forums, --- given by a stellar who's who-of established and well respected names in the biz, and...a first ever,  Career Fair- with practical hands on advice/portfolio reviews from those who are acclaimed industry gurus, including established companies, consumer and professionally oriented---all there,  impressively --- gratis, to inspire and educate. And maybe hire.

James Vincent/The Powder Group hosted an Andy Warhol's themed cocktail party pre-opening
Marilyn Monroe---and the rest of this fabulous special effects head to toe make-up application took about 5 hours!

PLUS... highlights on the new products exclusively making their debut at the show....and we asked the question...when to not prime, is not a crime (a "consumer-driven" concept). 

A lot of nodding heads agreed-there are many ways to prep the skin for makeup...and that if one uses a primer---to make sure the formulations match up with the foundation...i.e. silicone based primers with silicone based foundations. GOOD TO KNOW.

Makeup Artists and their muses lined up for their moment

We got there on the early side to see the labor intensive set-up by The Powder Group...a company, dedicated to "...inspire your strengthen your connect you to the global makeup community."

individually attached
Jeremy---super nice, gets the placement just right

This was the calm before the storm...the next two days---there were so many people, you barely saw the floor

James Vincent, Michael DeVellis (founder of The Powder Group)---the only second these two were not in constant motion

High quality, multi-tasking individual brush sets, a collaboration with Crown Brush...


The Powder Group signs up plenty of pro makeup artists for their professional program

Perpetually packed...NARS made their debut at The Makeup Show 

Palettes sold briskly- as did the popular "Orgasm" Blush that works on all skin tones and new Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Our personal fav though---the matte but not drying,  intensely colored Rouge a Lèvres Heat Wave- red-with a tinge of Velvet Matte lip pencil in Red Square

Graftobian is acclaimed for its HD Glamour Creme Foundation palette-"...a must have in one's kit," according to James Vincent
All skin tones covered-Graftobian palettes (pictured-Super Palette-Warm)...and at the show---the new beauty tool, HD Glamour Grip™  foundation sponge is shaped to get creases (pointy top) as well as the wider planes of one's face...flawless covered

NAKED cosmetics-the mineral makeup specialists have a new skin cream that softens and plumps up skin. We absorbed instantly ---and banished dry skin without the grease.

Naked Cosmetics offered -literally- hundreds of colors of the densely pigmented powders that can be mixed with moisturizers, foundations, or other powders for custom colors at affordable prices

pretty green mixed with moisturizer-makes a terrific sheer eye shadow

MEHRON is a staple go-to line for fantasy, television and theatrical makeup artists (Professional Performance and Special Effects lines). AND MADE IN THE USA. 

Okay, not a typical NYC look----but Mehron Extreme Beauty is a consumer friendly, top quality collection of fab, lush and vibrant shades ideal for everyday and special occasion at barely above mass market, discount drugstore chain prices. 

EMBRYOLISSE might get the most mentions at LYRA we see their products, particularly their Lait Crème Concentré at every fashion show that we matter what makeup line sponsors the runway fete. BONUS POINTS: PARABEN FREE!

Coming soon-the best selling in FRANCE---Secrets de Maquilleurs (makeup artists' secrets)-a buzzed about,  BB Cream-that does triple duty---tints, moisturizes and protects with broad spectrum sun protection. Secret de Maiquilleurs is of a thinner consistency than thicker full coverage foundation---and turns powdery on application--- plus--- with light reflectors that flatters...  offering more than a sheer tint, with build able coverage.

Overseas---there is also a compact foundation SPF+20 version that is highly durable, goes on perfectly-(we tried) and holds up---that is good for all skin types. Traveling across the POND-stock up-3 colors available, fragrance free, preservative free, with Vitamin E and silica that absorbs the oil---

Cleansers and toners, nourishing moisturizers, anti-aging goodies and NEW -the VITIVIA-topical pro-vitamins-which go on cleansed before anything else. Pharmaceutical grade, pure concentrations, free of chemical preservatives and fragrances, he eco biodegradable capsules are in the new micro-sponge technology so i maintains its purity and integrity of the concentration---3 vitamins available-A.C, and E.

New to us---but to any of our pals in Los Angeles who swear by TIZO...a highly water resistant, non clogging, no break-out causing serious minerals (Titanium Dioxide, Zinc and Iron Oxide) sunscreen that holds up brilliantly---and does all of the aforementioned without the debatable chemical sunscreen filters- if they even work- oxybenzone and octinoxate (read what the Environmental Working Group reported on this possible toxic duo) ---or parabens ...or fragrance.

There is a tinted, lightweight formula (TIZO 2)---for the face---and a looks white but rubs on sheer---translucent formula (TIZO 3). There is a silky feel to the sunscreens-we tried them both...and our makeup went on over both, just fine.

This stuff works too--- as a highly water resistant sunscreen-PROOF--- we did an almost all in the sun, Olympic distance triathlon this past weekend...and used as directed---but, of course, no time to reapply...

Tizo protected through the swim, bike, run---and for once, our skin didn't start to sunburn that last hour!

FYI: Tizo is made by Fallene Ltd., a company founded by a plastic surgeon and dermatological chemist in the late 80's...and available at doctors offices and online at AMAZON.

Less chemicals with the same quality, if not a trend in makeup formulations these days...and Youngblood, a mineral based cosmetics company that we loved when we first tried it years ago---as they sponsored a New York Fashion Week show we reviewed. It has grown into a full fledged multi-product brand beloved by the pros. 

BIG PLUS TOO---Vegan (we were surprised that animal beef tallow goes into a lot of formulations-yech), cruelty, gluten, oil, talc and nano FREE, no parabens or fragrances...and recyclable packaging. NICE
long wearing shine....Mighty Shine Lip Gel

Mineral Primer was a best seller at the booth

Silicone based Face Atelier foundations (and Ultra powders, blush and bronzers) have always been HD ready- serving up a creaseless, non-cakey coverage that's buildable. Comes in a range of colors-from practically white to deeply dark brown=flawless match

Years ago, we met FACE ATELIER leading light  Debbie Bondar (President&Ceo) a NYFW show...and since then the brand has become a beauty essential of many performers on tour ---including glam musicians/singer/songwriters like Lady Gaga, Fergie and Madonna.
Face Atelier ---Lip Glaze-high shine, highly pigmented, non-sticky, moisturizing and as smooth as glass---add a drop to lipstick for extra pop

All colors come in similar shaped pens for easy transport

MANY makeup brands, imho---are all about the packaging...but new to us- but not everyone else, judging by the crowd at the booth---ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics---are high end, made in Italy cosmetics, magically crafted by well-respected, Netherlands/Amsterdam based, Ellis Faas...
SMART, SMART, SMART---check out the Ellis Faas holder and similarly shaped pens (designed in cahoots with industrial designer Arnout Visser) containing the cosmetics including the popular creamy eyes formulations...we hope she trademarked this concept- or something...we saw the big cosmetics companies walking the show, probably looking for ideas...ahem.

The collection, which has great texture for the products we tried---is based on "human colors"---that according to the website---"...are colors that exist by nature in every human body..."...which we figure to be very complimentary tones for all humans on planet earth.

FYI-the pressed powders come in a special compact that fits "neatly" on the Ellis Fass custom designed holder. 

Dazzled, we were---Ellis Faas ships worldwide but is also available at niche boutiques like Space NK.

TEMPTU epitomizes silicone based formulas that can be blended, and applied by fingertips, brush, or sponge ---and of course- Airbrush

Smartly, the company offers consumer friendly versions in Sephora. For those not in the know---we love airbrush as it goes on as a cool mist, settles 'in' without a trace...and depending if it is silicone or water based...lasts for hours and hours. 

Undetectable- when done right---it feels like nothing is on your skin----(review)

pre filled but not-reusable AIR pod™s for easy transport, no clean application

New at the show----S/B Bronzers in matte and shimmer finishes...

yes, Temptu artists use their airbrush on themselves--- a fast application process once you know how to use it

AIR Pod™ slips right in

SKINDINAVIA-intro'ed the new 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish Spray-cooling mist to spritz over makeup,  for extended makeup wear- and moisture-we tried, good for dry skin. No More Shine Makeup Finish-good for oily types
Century 21 or Bergdorf's, Barney's or Bendel's ---we think the shoppers destination in NYC, at least for makeup loving types-should be ALCONE (322 West 49th Street)---a cult insider destination for those niche brands that the professionals INSIST on using.
A sellout every year---Ben Nye®'s foundation and concealer palettes ---really  sold out fast...translucent powders in every shade.

JAO Hand Refresher -an on location must-anti-bacterial and non-drying

loved this...Beauty so Clean a light one shot spray on to disinfect creams and powders without changing the consistency---we wish to see this at every makeup counter

EMBRYOLISSE...rosewater toner that purifies and de-puffs

Alcone Makeup Remover Wipes-easily takes off all that one buy makeup wise...even waterproof water or soap needed!
KETT Cosmetics... a female founded company "...for the digital age..." that is known for its versatile HYDRO FOUNDATION formulas and non-oily, coverage par excellence--- FIXX CRÈME Compact foundations that match up skin tones the point where we sometimes wonder how the typical consumer brand could ever hope to get THAT as good.

Obsessed with Kiss products (our latest post)---the company actually also sells i-ENVY false eyelashes---a pro's favorite---

Some of the items sold out---including full strip, multi-lash and individual lash options---over 40 (!!!!!) styles. Flutter-on!


Brush Shampoo
Some exhibits were fancier than others---Sian Richards from England---now in LA...focused on a need she saw in the market---brushes that are very specifically tasked...made from luxurious pure European Hair or synthetics...without the glitz, simply presented.

we have always seen makeup pros bend mascara wands---the same precision requested MO here---brilliant

SIAN RICHARDS-London Brush Company

we gave these two super nice gals an idea-Birchbox-a $10/month-3, 6, or year long subscription---for access to product samples--trial size or bigger -specifically tailored top notch brands- (men's version too, fyi) or selected by the pros---we think---a fun fun fun wedding party thank-you

A Birchbox Box, delivered to you, selected by the celebs on Gossip Girl

INGLOT-countless shades and color combinations---we were wowed! A Euro company that is growing in popularity!

quality at awesome, mass market drugstore prices-Inglot's Freedom System-available by E-commerce- allows for custom palettes---massively popular---have it your way, tone wise- for eyes, face, lips etc....

SENNA Cosmetics-a flowering genus Slipcover® Foundation for just the right amount of coverage-velvety finish-cream to powder...

Cheeky Blushes-Pro Palettes-realistic color with the staying power of powder- that just looks amazing on---this gorgeous gal is only wearing the blush...with some gloss- for a healthy glow
Lip Lacquer-vanilla tasting conditions lips with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E
VERY POPULAR seller at the show...Face Sculpting Kit-highlighting and contouring-originally created for the Desperate Housewives makeup team! Oil free formula-to use wet or dry. 

We had a wonderful chat with the KISSABLE COUTURE makeup artist/co-founder A. J. Crimson-pictured with a gal wearing the sold-out at the show, Kissable Couture Lipstick in a hot red tone! FYI---other co-founder is Keisha Nash-Whitaker...
Kissable Couture

Just the right texture-two years in development...

pictured with makeup artist Kevin James Bennet-A.J. Crimson

ANDY WRIGHT on the right-"did" the look on the left

Special effects makeup is a learned skill----and every year we have attended this show-there is always so amazing person, cruising the show----this gory look-would maybe, turn heads even in Manhattan!

Best seller and yummy enough for all to use-the Face and Body Scrub-smells handsomely transportive-courtesy of organic lime peel oil...and cleans without stripping the skin. Urban Camouflage and HDTV Anti-Shine Powder-the go to for guys in the spotlight who want to win votes 

Men get some pampering love----at Menaji, founded by Michele Probst ---originally to make decent (facial wise)---all those male policy wonks that reside in Washington DC.

Seriously, we have seen Congressional males running our nation's capitol-running around in full makeup, ready for their CNN/FOX NEWS/C-SPAN moment. 

Natural, undetectable coverage-but we know they don't look that good. Ha Ha.

Makeup artist Cameron Tuttle for BENEFIT Cosmetics---was a busy gal ---redefining, shaping, accentuating any brows set forth at her in-show Brow just a few simple steps too via shaping wax, setting powder and the transformative High Brow pencil that we were told to apply underneath our brow for pop. 

Incredible how varied a brow shape can change the balance and focus of one's visage---depending on cheekbones, eye shape, a pointed chin...and whether one wants to go glammy or natural.
Brow Zings Shaping Kit comes with teeny tiny Tweezerman tweezers. 

Cameron Tuttle---authored RAISING EYEBROWS-Your Personal Guide To Fabulous Brows

DINAIR---commanded a never ending audience for its airbrush makeup...flawless finish---long wearing, doesn't wear off---soft, silky ---practically ---not there feeling.

easy to use---a true gift for people with skin conditions---as the formulas are excellent for sensitive/inflamed skin--- neutralizes face and body areas---even serious problems with just a few passes of spray

Our obsession with Obsessive Compulsive vegan, cruelty free cosmetics continues...especially the top selling LIP TAR---we previewed years ago...and now a favorite of consumers and pros alike. 

Highly pigmented---we use daily, just a drop goes a loooonnnngggg way, moisturizing with hemp oil and Vitamin E...and lasts- without the tackiness. LOVE.

NEW---the intensely incredible pigmented Loose Colour Concentrates to mix with primer---etc---100% mineral powder-CARMINE FREE (fyi-carmine is made from an insect---and is in a lot of cosmetic products and fabrics)... for lips, eyes, cheeks----
Airbrush systems and foundations/eye colors

Embryolisse products used everywhere

OCC founder and makeup artist- David Klasfeld also has great taste in music

Gold Collagen Mask-oxygenating-for mature skin.

Nanoestique®-kit is a portable Nano-mist - 60 ampule kit...$249.95
Christine Valmy has a midtown salon and well noted Beauty schools for aestheticians... made its debut at the show.

We were enchanted with this at-home Nano-mist ---it felt like a nice cool breeze---and is chock full of healing/anti-aging botanicals and nourishing grape seed oil---that refreshed our skin---over makeup (or before works too).

smart way to enhance the anti-aging/rehydrating benefits to one's skin---in 30 seconds

Made in the USA-OFRA makeup and skincare products are affordable beauty-using ingredients Vitamin C, retinol, pant, marine and vegetable extracts.

-with names after rock songs or icons-all packed with healing shea butter, avocado, grapeseed and mango oils-cruelty free and paraben free---new for Spring 2012: Lucy-bright orange opaque and Marilyn-Iridescent Silver Shimmer

Available nationwide in the USA-e-commerce too

Brooklyn's own AMOUR BEAUTY has excellent lineage-rocker/entrepreneur /model/mom Theo Kagan---who conjured up an incredible moisturizing bunch of glosses that multi-task on eyes/cheeks/lips.

Mario Badescu's skin care products---are a makeup artist must in their  kits---including the best seller/editor's choice everywhere---fast acting Drying Lotion---for acne or mosquito bites too-with calming calamine, camphor and salicylic acid, titanium and zinc oxide in the mix

CINEMA SECRETS Professional Cosmetics is not such a secret with the pros attending this show. 

The highly pigmented 5-In--1 Corrector and Foundation Palettes are a given for makeup artists on the go...because the creamy formulations are durable----aka camera ready- and NOT like spackle---excellent for correcting uneven skin tones, contouring and highlighting. 

We tried some on the back of the hand and full, blend easy, coverage for sure... matchy-match with all skin tones possible- and probably ideal for normal-dry skin. 

We see the get the job done, Cinema Secrets Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner bottles---everywhere backstage during NYFW...and now there is a new size, 2 oz Spray Bottle.

Temporary tattoos/Body Art spare clients of commitment and are just fun! We have been getting our share at the Rangers game...and there is always of line of kids and grown-ups...


Glitter Body Art  stencils...

MAKE UP FOR EVER ---commandeered half of the second floor---the buy lines snaked around---okay, not forever---but this cosmetic brand got major love. We think their Aqua Creams are the best...and now there are shimmery Aqua Pencils that are as waterproof---and easy to maneuver before it sets.

Available online and inside boutiques at Sephora-also owned by LMVH...If you can-go to their MAKE UP FOREVER studios in NYC or LA instead... For Expert Advice on over 1400 products.

Eye catching and a bit of a process---long lasting, lip foils- Glitzy Lips™ had lines of gals wanting to demo---basically, a primer is painted on lips---is allowed to set, then applied with foil glittery options that are supposed to last for 8 hours. They looked amazing...really.

Celeb love from Katy Perry

goes on with shimmer...clears when ready for application of glitter loaded foils-just press on

like a dramatically surreal  Gregory Crewdson photograph-not staged though---and not disturbing---T3 had hair tools to demo and a very patient spokesguy/instructor, the super nice  DAN SHARP -owner of Danka Panka Hair Salon
T3 smartly chose The Makeup Show NYC---to help out makeup artists- who are now finding the need to know a few hair styling tricks of the trade for clients.

What T3 offers---are award winning hair tools -embedded with Tourmaline gemstones-for optimal ionic and infrared heat---that cuts drying time down considerably via the Tourmaline Softaire™-for shine, frizz free, smoothness-protecting the hair cuticle...

The patience of Job---on display here....

wrap hair flatly around barrel---for loose waves of hair

In case that determined attendee didn't get it----

Swedish Sachajuan a favorite product line...

Featherweight Hair Dryer-is a major seller...13oz! 

On the second floor---a bunch of other smaller brands----
Self Tanning Towelettes by Dead Sea Elements™-who also make thick towelettes

Uni Magnetic Palettes- eco friendly way to organize al those makeup refills

MAKE UP E-Commerce sites (our prior review) and HauteLook...consumer sites that offer serious discounts (the latter) and lots if customer input (the former).