Thursday, May 31, 2012

ASTIS MITTENS-Handmade in te USA



words/images Judith Ecochard

Probably---the ASTIS Mittens booth got the most action from fellow retailers at the most recent SIA tradeshow---with many attendees placing orders---for themselves.

Here's Why....

 We literally, stopped in our tracks- that how amazing these made in the USA, hand cut, hand sewn, and and individually beaded mittens are---each subtly different-with unique patterns

WOW---super warm too, imnsulated with POLARTEC® Thermal Pro® High loft insulation----the inspiration came from ski trips in Northern Canada---where the native CREE Indians wore hand crafted mittens and gloves that were impervious to the frigid cold temps in the Great White North.

BRAD and CHARLES---pals and biz partners...

 AVAILABLE E-COMMERCE-we think a bargain for the quality and artistry....long and short cuffs available. And durable...