Thursday, March 22, 2012


VMV Hypoallergenics-  1700 sq ft flagship store

Broadway, NYC/ SIA Denver
CC Verallo Rowell

words/images Judith Ecochard

Founded by dermatologist-dermatopatholigist (like the "CSI of skin conditions")...Dr. Vermen Verallo-Rowell--- VMV Hypoallergenics skin/body care products-and beauty goodies-has grown ginourmously since we went to it's USA launch several years ago. (REVIEW)...IMO, the company name does not really convey adequately how amazing this collection of products- is.

The SKUs now available, and appropriately packaged--- tow the company line-meaning truly free of ingredients that irritate----and all are validated hypoallergenic products rated/patch tested against 76+ known allergens...

PLUS: 100% all types of fragrance free, 100% preservative free (they use a derivative of coconuts that's anti-fungal/anti-bacterial instead, called monolaurin)... and non-comedogenic-meaning skin's allowed to BREATH.

Products are broken down by collections-with targeted skin conditions and by gender/age-including baby safe products (the multi-tasking Boo Boo Balm is a best seller)...but clearly, given one's needs, mix and match possibilities exist.

We had a chance to check out the new to us, Flaitron district store in Manhattan recently-for a launch of four new products...hosted by daughter of founder,
CC Verallo Rowell...who has a command of scientific terms that had us (and attendees) beyond impressed!!!!

dye free (minerals provide the coloring) options-paraben free too 
Part of the Skintelligent Beauty-the Skin-The Buff Concealer ($20) has just the right amount of creamy coverage that easily glides on to blot out blemishes, under eye circles, discolorations etc...coming in light, medium and dark tones and a eye-pepping yellow.

We love how it went on under our sensitive under peepers skin without irritation-of course-because the concealer is 100% free of all types of fragrance, dyes, phthalates, paragons etc...and made with USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil, that replaces lipids (the moisturizing molecules we all need)...lost to aging, environmental assaults from the sun and stress,  and dehydration.


ALSO NEW:  The Clark Wash ($28-8.45 fl. 0z) that works with the Essence Superwash Hair and Body Shampoo "Kent"  --- (and Conditioner, pictured above-that's skin safe too).

Clark Wash is a rich, soothing non-drying, non-irritating, and rash flaking and acne preventing alternative -good for all skin types----and head to toe cleansing without the SLES, SLS, "amine", and other allergenic surfectant-free---and dyes, fragrances, etc.

The RED BETTER assortment of products are being introduced to help rosacea sufferers-importantly- without the use of steroids.

VMV Hypoallergenics has done extensive research on rosacea triggers and developed anti-inflammatory/soothing Flare-Up Balm ($50-.88oz) and acne targeting-but not drying-  Spot Concealer ($25-with proven ingredient sulphur) specifically calm down hyper-active skin while being ultra gentle enough to be used by those burdened with other skin conditions.

WHAT ELSE: The luxurious treatment rooms--- where a wide menu of indulgent facials, body wraps and massages are available--- are comfy and rather plush.

Lucky us-we had a one hour  facial-with a custom blended mask specifically for our skin---plus other applied cleansing creams, and serums, administered by the expert hands of Holly Byerly, the senior Skinstructor and a very skilled esthetician...who has been in the SPA biz for over fourteen years.

Blissful really, and we had no fear of a burning or irritating reaction-because everything used is from the extensively vetted VMV Hypoallergenics product line.

Even the ultimate, knot-busting, stress-relief shoulder/neck/arm/hand massage with the brand's USDA 100% organic virgin coconut oil-which we feared would leave us a bit greasy, moisturized our skin-not slicked it out.

And the Re-Everything Eye Serum Bylerly used-def seemed to temporarily banish our fine lines-PLUS- we got a mini make-up touch-up-using the SPF+50 concealer/foundation prior to our exit-and we positively glowed.


Another line of paraben free products, KISS MY FACE...has an extensive line-up of sun care/blocks launching now...wuth some that are mineral based...and also gluten,  phthalate and SLS free.

At the recent SIA tradeshow...we stopped by to see the rather extensive offerings...including a easy to use Sport Spray that sprays on clear...

with Botaneco's moisturizing Hydresia

water resistant-broad spectrum

and fun, the mineral (titanium dioxide) blue (white and pink) unsticks for kids of all ages...thats SPF+30.

Full spectrum coverage
PLUS: New is the 40 SPF+ mineral sunscreen that also contains Hydresia and blends on skin clear-  leaving no white film-taht's typical of must mineral-based sunscreens.

image from Kiss My Face website