Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Chocolate Factory/NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

Ivory Silk Pique Corset Gown

Bodice/Corsett details

Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 2012 collection was quietly exquisite---but like that oft' used expression (Theodore Rossevelt/West African proverb) ...speak softly and carry a big stick... we thought the ensembles, simply presented with half the models, waiting offstage- behind huge drapes, spotlit with their shadows projecting through---while the other models stood up front...

---were powerful.

one of our top looks-

Camel Couture Wool Little Jacket, Black Cashmere Keyhole Sweater, Camel Stretch Cotton Contour Pant

Gold Basket Weave Sheath Dress

We chatted briefly with this ballet thin designer---who in fact had her models in Capezio flats which we are sure they LOVED....

...about her inspirations---a trip to Venice and the concept of "fashion x-ray"-the underpinnings of garments...the overall structure like the admired Italian building structures.

So chic- Rouge Split Sleeve Cashmere Sweater, Bronze Zigzag Pleate Skirt

Nails by CND

From head to well, ankle-this was modern luxury for sophisticated women...very feminine, incredibly well crafted- not frilly sweet fluffy. Sarapour's gals are too smart for that.

Grey Feltted Jersey Corset Dress

Black Velvet & Tulle Strapless Dress

Metallic Thread Lace Overlay is exquisite-

Jan Arnold/CND Creative Director