Monday, January 9, 2012

New Beauty Products 2012 from The Body Shop + Visine

From accessibly priced- The Body Shop---we've been trying a couple of their new beauty items ---a great way to usher in the New Year.

Our fav-and we are almost out of ALREADY---is the moisturizing RAINFOREST RADIANCE HAIR BUTTER $14.00.

Made with 100% natural, biodegradable and organic ingredients (so as to spare the water systems-wherever we are rinsing off--that stuff going down the drain goes somewhere)---

The thick creamy formula sinks right into frayed locks without weighing down hair with silicones that can end up looking greasy-ish-even on dry hair. We actually use a little bit on our air dry hair...taking about a quarter size-rubbed on our fingers-then run through our locks from roots to ends for great shine.

We also use on our wet hair that's been towel dry-more or less...and let the thin coat of Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter "sit" for a few minutes before rinsing off...for guaranteed tangle free drip dry hair that's is NOT a frizzy mess. Lightly scented--- the Hair Butter basically dries to an odor free finish-what we prefer.

Now that we have those mittens for texters...i.e. the top part folds over to free our fingers to swish away on our smartphone---we are even more obsessed with washing our hands as soon as we get home from strap hanging it on mass transit.

lift top-takes a bit of power---pump a few times to get it going
FINALLY-a hand cleanser that actually leaves our skin in decent, moist condition as well as germ free ready.

AND part of the new Hand Care Collection from the Body Shop ($8.00-$18.50) available in three terrific smelling groups-Wild Rose, Hemp and Almond (authentic scents too-not chemical brews). We have been using the Hemp Moisturizing Hand Wash ($10)---that cleans without drying out our paws...especially timely for winter months- as we are very aware of flu avoidance techniques and those hand sterilizing sanitizers are not great for our skin. Added Plus: The scent is exotic and we think -worthy of its own parfum-made with COMMUNITY FAIR TRADE SOURCED HEMP---we thought --- spicy/musky/light patchoulli oil-kind of= love it!

We also use the newish Almond Hand and Nails Cream ($18.50)-really for our hands, nails and elbows. The consistency is that of a thick lotion really-not a "cream"-and we felt a little goes a long way even though it gets absorbed right away. The sweet almond oil moisturizes and for nails, we assume-is the strengthening-panthenol. Scent wise-its' really light---which we prefer...and neutralized the chlorine odor our skin manages to emanate get an hour of laps in the swimming pool.


Smart brand extension-Visine®-that gets the red out - now has a VISINE® SOOTHING WIPES-basically oversized  pads-saturated with just the right amount of proprietary kind of eye make-up remover--- that doubles as an overall face wipe too.

Non-irritating and a good choice for contact lens wearers---we found that even our waterproof mascara--- that usually requires a bit of rubbing to get off our lashes-came off straight away...with a slightly cooling feel too-that's refreshing.

widely available---each plastic tub contains 30 pads-about a month's worth.