Sunday, December 18, 2011


words/images Judith Ecochard

Michell Ng


We were absolutely floored by the workmanship and edgy detailed designs of the Spring 2012 jewelry collection by Kiwi born Michelle Ng.

No wonder there was a gaggle of print editors there---taking in this new talent ...

The powerful, bold pieces were inspired by personal heartache---as a broken heart is a recurrent theme.

inspired by the religious kippah---- headpiece here has gothic overtones

Intricate and jagged edges-like shards of shattered glass

We thought these pieces would soothe away any bummer memory moments (and a GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT) with materials of rose gold and midnight-dyed brush platting combined with pearls, black pearls, ribbon and Czechoslovakian crystals.

 Every item-from striking headpieces, cuffs, earrings and statement necklaces that seem to have been conjured up by magic.

head crowns

pieces from current collection-too

Pricewise from $330-$5,500...

Cake served at preview-yummy too