Saturday, December 10, 2011


Kara Ross

words/images Judith Ecochard

Spring 2012-Gemstones/Boutique Collections

We aren't much jewelry people-but our meet/greet with the talented Kara  Ross-who has her own luxe line of handbags and baubles galore---had us re-thinking what a beautiful, handcrafted piece of jewelry can do for any outfit.

At the Circa sponsored space at the most recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Lincoln Center-we got a mini-tour-with the immensely smart-charming Kara Ross herself---
The two collections-Kara Ross is the higher priced line of fine jewelry-and the boutique line- Kara by Kara Ross-both gloriously show the exquisite quality and natural beauty of the gemstones themselves-"a challenge" and----

"...everything has a back grill...attention to detail...handmade..."

An inspiration -as the "design and the materials speak to you..." Ross clued us in. And with an architectural eye too for many of the pieces we saw.

Exotic skins are custom glazed and shaded for Kara Ross

Stained glass windows are the inspiration for this intricate design

These statement 'looks' are complicated to make-as a considerations of what carves well-as well as we might imagine-even sourcing the wide range of materials-as got to require someone with deep knowledge (as in sparkling white sapphires for diamonds... elevating turquoise and black/white mother of pearl to polished status)--- and sourcing contacts.

We were so taken with Kara Ross-that we hauled it over to a tradeshow-and then her showroom -to see more.

HANDBAGS-are stunning.  The colors and special glazes are exclusive to Kara Ross---

Structured statement bags without the logos!!!!!

The bag shapes are feminine and practical-from the casual basket weave haulers-to the red carpet ready clutches that are roomy-just enough.

FYI-all of the bags "stand on their own" ---literally.

work of art-inlaid stones-a keeper

rectangular clutch-plenty of interior for essentials

All made in Italy-the handbags are clearly magnificent at any angle-the hardware is exquisite too.

Kara by Kara Ross is the surprisingly affordable boutique line---typically ranging in price from $100-$315

Shirt Cuffs-LOVE

OUR FAVORITE- hand cut==labor intensive---so while these are several samples available-each piece is rather unique.