Sunday, December 25, 2011

imPRESS PRESS ON MANICURE=the latest in instant beauty

Broadway Nails® is a smart company that keeps on coming up with the latest in nail art/design for the truly clueless.

We demo-ed their latest-a peel off the clear back...then pressed on the 'nails' that stuck easy enough...on a commuter train to DC-that impressed our overly busy seat mate on his way to testify in front of Congress for something that made him nervous-but still curious.

With 24 to a pack in twelve sizes...imPRESS PRESS ON MANICUREs are sure fits for most nailbeds (about 8 out of 10 of ours exactly)-and in so many classic and trendy shades (18-$5.99)) and patterns/textures (18-$7.99)-that salon perfect nails are wardrobe friendly fits too.

BONUS: The packaging is fab-in a polish shaped bottle.

Obviously easy to apply-they are just a tad thicker than 'regular nails' ---a plus in our case-and managed to earn us compliments from our fashionista pals who were astonished that we did our nails ourselves ha ha.

Widely available (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart etc)--- and affordable, imPress Manicures claim to last up to a week...but as swimmers---they did not last a lengthy pool session the next day.

Nevertheless,  for us-always on the go somewhere---it is an easy way to dress up our nails when we have no time for a manicure-and we have no time, all the time.

INFO: imPress Manicures including FAQs and discount coupon